"Your Work Helps Me in a Very Practical Way"

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    "Your Work Helps Me in a Very Practical Way"

    Prechter talks with Mind of Money Host Doug Lodmell

    November 09, 2011

    By Elliott Wave International

    Robert Prechter offers a broad overview of the Wave Principle in this interview clip with The Mind of Money host, Douglass Lodmell. As Bob explains, "The work we do is so different from what other people do." Enjoy listening to Bob explain how the Wave Principle differs from fundamental analysis and how it can help you to anticipate important turns and changes in the markets.

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    Learn the Why, What and How of Elliott Wave Analysis

    Financial media use news and economic events to explain market moves. Steer clear of this misguided approach. Learn what really moves the markets with The Elliott Wave Crash Course.

    In this series of three FREE videos, Senior Tutorial Instructor Wayne Gorman demolishes the widely held notion that news drives the markets. Each video will provide a basis for using Elliott wave analysis in your own trading and investing decisions.

    This article was syndicated by Elliott Wave International and was originally published under the headline "Your Work Helps Me in a Very Practical Way". EWI is the world's largest market forecasting firm. Its staff of full-time analysts led by Chartered Market Technician Robert Prechter provides 24-hour-a-day market analysis to institutional and private investors around the world.
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