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Discussion in 'Forum information and help' started by Thierry Martin, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    Let me know if you have any ideas to improve the forum experience here.

    Many new visitors come here because of the Cramer Mad Money recaps and the Fast Money recaps. Are there any other recaps that you think are worth posting, and that contain good stock trading ideas?

    Let me know. Much of the success of this forum comes from the contributions and ideas from our members and guests.
  2. aiki14

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    Hey T, I get more questions regarding what books to read and what other resources I use than anything else. I know we periodically tell newbies to search the threads but maybe a sticky thread on the topic, or a forum section would be of benefit.
    One other thing I saw that I found interesting, and it may have been suggested by someone here, was a list of all the various pundits and how they have done over time. It had everyone from Cramer to Herb Greenberg to Bob Doll to Dr. Bob Froelich and more. It took the public comments from these guys and looked at how accurate they were. It was not perfect but the general idea was good. I know we have the Cramer and Fast Money recaps, how about a pundit recap? I can post the Bob Doll monthlies if you want and links to any non proprietary stuff I get. Might be worth a try.
    And lastly if you have any suggestions for those of us willing to help, how can we generate more traffic here? ($64,000 question right). I already tell everybody I know but not a whole lot have come on and posted. Seems you have to have the fever for this stuff.
  3. TonyM

    TonyM Active Member weekly contest winner

    How about posting a daily sector moneyflow recap? I like to check this several times a day when the S&P bottoms or tops I use it to see if there is a mass influx or exodus from one sector to another. A daily recap may be helpful to some as an additional tool.

    A daily recap of the vix might also be helpful.

    Seeking suggestions for improvement is a good idea, but how about your ideas? What type of content do you like or dislike? You're a pretty tolerant guy so it's difficult to gauge in which direction you prefer the forum to go.

    Btw, great job of keeping out the spam and other non-desirables lately.
  4. Gonz

    Gonz Member

    You know what I'd like to see?

    More posts.

    When I was here before, a year or so ago, there was a real community here. When I log on now, however, I see upwards of 20, 30, 40 or more people viewing the stock picks forum, but only six or seven posts a day in that forum, more often than not by the same two or three people.

    I'm every bit as guilty as the next guy where this is concerned, but here I am posting, nostalgic for the days of that lovely lady with the ever-present big butt avatar, that clinically insane SWF lady, et cetera.

    I don't all seems a little bit too...clinical.

    I've been drinking, by the bye.
  5. TonyM

    TonyM Active Member weekly contest winner

    No kidding, where the hell is everyone? I know Aiki14 is in Tasmania, is everyone else in the Hamptons?
  6. zyzzyva57

    zyzzyva57 Active Member

    For the life of me, with his trading restrictions, why doesn't someone on a weekly basis post what stocks he owns in his Charitable Trust, say each Friday--surely he cannot copyright this with his restrictions

    I can understand why he does not do this daily, because this is something else he can hussle for $400 in a newsletter, but why not weekly?


    Friday, 7/7/10
    Widget, Inc....5,000 shares
    iJesus...........6,000 shares

    and so on...
  7. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    Where can that data be obtained?
  8. zyzzyva57

    zyzzyva57 Active Member

    Some big investor here should have this list, if it is not copyrighted, but that seems strange

    I have "Googled" for such a list and amazingly it is not published by even big time publications

    One of the strange mysteries of Cramer's Operation: he has this severe trading restriction and CNBC does not publish it daily

    I have tried his Alert newsletter on a trial basis, but at $400 I could not justify the expenditure...Subscribers get heads-up before he trades, and this is fine

    But why no list which would be after the fact

    Indeed, if Cramer published his holdings, this would help his list, e.g., knowing what Warren Buffett holds EVEN AFTER THIS LIST "OLD" in the sense the trade has been made still brings in investors

    You know, after all his hype about being a friend of the little guy, you realize this is just more "Paris Hilton" like crap to get us in the tent
  9. reef

    reef Member won weekly contest 7x won aug/06 simulator won dec/07 simulator

    Well there would be more users if certain long term users didnt attack others who dont post as often as they do. I see the same few people (particularly one) overly critical of an opinion and even make it into something else.

    Kinda of lame and not very inviting. I myself do not invest and am tryin to learn but why should I try to learn anything other than guess a stock pick for the week? My lack of investing for real has been criticized, so why should another Newbie want to ask for help when some board whore wants to stir up **** with anyone new?
  10. TonyM

    TonyM Active Member weekly contest winner

    Really would there be more more users? Care to share the results of your scientific study proving that theory out? Perhaps there would be more real traders with real experience if we got rid of the kids that don't even invest a dollar in the market, but I won't claim that as fact, since I have not conducted a proper study and without doing so, making such a claim would be making a baseless statement.

    Just like your buddy Jazen, you complain about the very thing you engage in, your post is obvious flame bait, but lacking the cajones to actually mention by name.

    I have a suggestion; no pikers, only people that actually put real money on the line, because this paper trading crap for over a year is nothing more than a kid playing a game. Where is the risk? You make a poor decision, oh well it's just a game. Therefore the piker input is meaningless.
  11. reef

    reef Member won weekly contest 7x won aug/06 simulator won dec/07 simulator

    Thank you.
  12. aiki14

    aiki14 Well-Known Member won april/06 simulator won weekly contest 13x won feb/07 simulator won jan/07 simulator won nov/06 simulator won mar/07 simulator

    How about an official Forum Leader logo Tee Shirt, or coffee mug, or golf tees, or bumper sticker, etc.
  13. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    I'd buy a mug! is a good place to go for such products.
  14. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    Good Lord that was funny!!!

    And yah, I would mug-n-tee as well... I have fun here and will be here for a good long time:cool:
  15. Albert0373

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    Assign some people Moderators such as aiki, chinaman, sven, englishman, etc. to help manage the forum posts and weekly/monthly challenges.
  16. Svenwulf

    Svenwulf Active Member won weekly contest 2x

    i think the lack of mod influence is what makes this board enjoyable.

    but as far how to make it better- anyway to split the o/t category? one for more humor or political stuff, and one for more general market or econ talk?

    also i think thierry should get ahead of the curve and add a fox business network slot. im not advocating fox business, but folks might wanna chop it up about the new network.
  17. Luc1Grunt

    Luc1Grunt forum leader

    More first time posters prompting pay per click links. 8O

    More banner ads 8O

    more of this, more of that. :?

    All in all, fun to stop by and say hi every once in a while. :lol:

    Technical threads do not get any responses nor do any analytical posts. :wink:

    Guess that is just the way it is. :p

    Many good forums out there......peruse them all. ;)

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