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Discussion in 'Forum information and help' started by Thierry Martin, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Thunderbolt

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    In my opinion, at 28 categories there are too many as is, and rather than adding more I'd suggest consolidation of existing categories, for example:

    Reduce "Jim Cramer" to one.
    "Trading systems" and "Brokerage Discussion" could be combined.
    Some of the least visted categories eliminated.

    I've seen this other boards, what happens is members get scattered into various pigeon holes and useful questions/info can get lost or overlooked if one isn't in the right category at the right time.
  2. Survivor

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    I really like the "off topic and politics" -watch out it gets heated in there, forum. A absolute favorite that has been fun and enjoyable. Please put it back. Also,would anybody be interested in an auto forum? your favorite cars or repair help or anything to do with autos & light trucks.
  3. Thierry Martin

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    I merged it with the other off topic forum, it was far less busy and it was just confusing to separate the topics like that. Humor can't be segregated. We can always switch it back again, but the posts from both off-topics are all in the same forum for now. Nothing was lost.

    If there are enough threads about autos, we can add a sub-forum to the off-topic. The general rule I try to follow (not always, but usually) is to spin off new categories when there are enough posts to justify it. Just creating a category and hoping people fill it up doesn't usually work.
  4. dadooh27

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    I find the current room to be a fairly even blend of serious stock information exchange and relief from slow or down trading days. The regular visitors of the room are always willing to be helpful to those who have questions and consistently share trading strategies throughout the day.

    There have been times when the room gets "off topic" and we have fun but isn't that part of a healthy office environment? I personally get a valuable lift in energy from the folks here and think of them not only as a source of information but as friends. Sure, sometimes we get a bit crazy it's all part of the day's activities.

    I say sit back, learn, share, trade and equally important laugh often and loud!

  5. blaster

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    Well said there Buddy. Now if could make a point come across effectively like you Dadooh i could have avoided lota trouble 8)
  6. Hondaboy

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    Forgot to put the LOL thing for you XOM, hope you didn't think thats what I think of you. I have no issue with you and love your reviews on stocks like everyone else in the chat room.
  7. RayRay180

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    I just posted a link to an article I thought was worth sharing in the "Stock picks and strategies" thread.

    As I did, I thought of this "poll" and wondered if I was posting in the correct forum....

    I'll leave this up to the more "seasoned" members here, but thought maybe it would be useful to have a forum for something strictly as this.....Somewhere for everyone to posts relative articles from the net for others to read.

    Whatdaya think?
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  8. netwrangler

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    I opened your post of the article, but didn't open the link the first time through. Went back and opened the link after reading your post in this thread [that is, the post quoted above].

    I guess I wanted you to say something more about the content of the article and not just post the link. Why did you feel this was 'interesting'? What should we be looking for as we read it? With just a little 'context', I think your post qualifies easily in "Stock picks and strategies".

    Without the context, the post looks like a pay-for-click post. Let me hasten to add that I don't believe your post of the article was pay-for-click. — just that, because of its form, it could be mistaken for one. Indeed, that was part of my thinking the first time, when I chose not to follow the link.

    You deserve credit for seeking feedback.
  9. netwrangler

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  10. RayRay180

    RayRay180 Member

    Appreciate the feedback Net.....makes sense.

    I jsut thought there has been debate in the forum whether we really are at bottom or if there is still some bumps in the road. Thought it was a good Bull argument.....

    You're right, if I spelled it out a bit, maybe some discussion would have been started. Thanks.
  11. goldentraders

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    I guess there are enough threads on this...But what bothers me is that, people are creating so many threads without even searching if there's an existing thread related to what they are about to post... Just a thing in mind... But just a compliment there are lot of interesting topics you've got here at onlinetradersforum.... :)
  12. brownknight

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    A section for PAMMs?

    Hye guys,

    This is my first post on this forum, I've been trying to reach the admin, but somehow the mailbox doesn't seem to work.

    I wouldn't wanna step on anyone's toes, but I was wondering if anyone here is investing in or is running their own Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM).
    I'm starting one in August based on my own Metro Gold Trading System for Spot Gold Trading, and once I find my way around here, I'd like to promote it on this forum as well.

    I wish there was a separate section for PAMMs or trading co-ops or Managed Accounts, etc. It can be a good platform for traders like myself who are looking for investors and also for investors who are looking for solid trading systems to invest in.

    IMHO Commodities can be traded spot or Futures. So I think Futures is a subset of Commodities.

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