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Discussion in 'Forum information and help' started by Thierry Martin, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    I am reorganizing the forums to make them easier to use, and I would like to know if you feel that any new categories are needed. I just added an ETF section, because we had a lot of threads on that subject, and I moved the existing threads there.

    How would you feel about sections for Commodities Futures? Gold? Chinese stocks? Mutual funds? I would like input on this before making any more changes, to see where the interest is.
  2. flybynight

    flybynight Member weekly contest winner

    I think the new catagories would be helpful.

  3. XOM

    XOM Member

    A second room in chat geared more towards trading. Perhaps rename the current room as Casual Trade & Chat and the second as Serious Trade or something along those lines.
  4. netwrangler

    netwrangler Well-Known Member

    Are you suggesting there be no puns or limericks in the second chat room?

    Ah, XOM, where's your fun-loving spirit? :biggrin:

    Seriously, what do you see as the difference between the rooms?
    And how would that difference be enforced?
  5. Yes that is exactly what I was going to say, one for Futures please and one to discuss commodities.

    1. Futures- discuss your positions/strategies on futures contracts here

    2. Commodities - discuss speculation on Gold and other precious metals, commodities etc

    You get the idea just fix the "tags" because the ones above are not perfect obviously.
  6. XOM

    XOM Member

    I have no problem with the jokes, zingers and one -liners at all, however there are times when I'd like to concentrate soley on making money. The idea of sharing trade ideas can become lost in the sea of humor that is the predominant theme in chat.

    I would hope that enforcement would not be necessary, leave the current room as the default entry room and those that wish to exchange trade ideas more than they wish to merely socialize can enter the second room. I realize that a room can be made by anyone and even password protected, the drawbacks to that are that someone has to create the room every day and if there is a password the people that are not given it will likley resent those that are.

    Anyway, just a suggestion as asked for.
  7. Hondaboy

    Hondaboy Member weekly contest winner

    Xom doesn't like me in the chat room :(.
  8. blaster

    blaster Member

    I suggest that u don't chat at all and focus on ur trading:sheep:
  9. ChartShark

    ChartShark Member

    How about a "Single and looking" chatroom? That would be swell.

    Seriously though, I don't know what additional rooms would do aside from fragment the already relatively sparse population in the chatroom during the day. I'd rather have 15-20 people (of which maybe half are talking on a regular basis) in a room talking about the market, and/or other random things than a choice of 5 rooms with 3-4 people in them chatting about super specific stock market secrets. (Check out my sweet math skillz)

    Don't mind me though, I'm still rather new.
  10. aiki14

    aiki14 Well-Known Member won april/06 simulator won weekly contest 13x won feb/07 simulator won jan/07 simulator won nov/06 simulator won mar/07 simulator

    No offense Blaster, but you may not have given your comment enough thought.
    In the year or two I have known XOM, I have found him to be real sharp, and I tend to pay attention when he offers his views, especially in the energy arena.
    No doubt the chat room gets "off topic", and occasionally over focused on one stock or topic, I don't know how that can be prevented (or even if it should).
  11. mlegha1

    mlegha1 Member won weekly contest 9x won feb/08 simulator won oct/08 simulator

    I don't think that we need a second room, we need some casual talk during the tense hours of trading.I don't normally chat due to my job but last week I was on vacation and joined the room regularly. I would say that it was a nice blend of serious traders and people making it fun for every one.
  12. ChartShark

    ChartShark Member

    On the original subject of new forum categories; I think it's a good idea, though I have no additional ideas beyond what has already been proposed. Basically, I am useless.
  13. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    Can anyone help me with this - what is the difference between futures and commodities? Can you buy a commodity without buying a futures contract? Can you buy a futures contract without buying a commodity? I believe you can buy index futures, but futures aren't a commodity. And you can buy contracts to buy grain, pork bellies etc. but are these contracts not futures contracts? Is gold bought as a commodity or a futures contract? Obviously I don't know what I am talking about here but maybe someone with experience can help clear this up.

    The issue is do I create a category called Commodities futures or Commodities and futures or a separate category called Commodities and another one called Futures.
  14. aiki14

    aiki14 Well-Known Member won april/06 simulator won weekly contest 13x won feb/07 simulator won jan/07 simulator won nov/06 simulator won mar/07 simulator

    Since futures based on underlying assets that are not commodities exist, they are separate in that sense. It is possible to hold commodities, but other than precious metals I don't know of anyone who does.
    Then there is the amount of traffic the topic will generate, and is it worth it to make the individual forums so specific.
    Seems to me a forum on Futures and Commodities would suffice until traffic dictates otherwise.
  15. Jelly

    Jelly Member

    I don't engage too much in newbie type chat for the reason that trade info gets lost out the top too quickly for those that are actually following specific stock convo. I also cut all funny stuff, when I do surface, short for the same reason.

    If you wanna get all superior, you can do an IMconference or separate chat. Then kill each other when somebody and their loser sheep loses a ton on a bad call. Make it so, or don't.

    The existing chat (as is the forum) is a community that has evolved . Untoward behavior, outside the accepted norm, is either killed or is great for the entertainment value of the ensuing war.

    I already know a forum where intolerance is the name of the game (it has a chat). If you want the link, PM me.
  16. blaster

    blaster Member

    Aiki may be i should edit my orginal post here and replace the sheep with a smily face. I know XOM in the chat room do give good advises and i have discussed few of the energy tickers myself with him. I in no way was telling XOM to runaway or anything.......:) He has a right to an opinion and i respect it. I was just being sarcastic and funny is to how i felt about the separate room....
    And as far as Offense brother...i dont take offense even if you curse at me here :)
  17. netwrangler

    netwrangler Well-Known Member

    Despite being one who goes 'off-topic' often for the sake of humor, I agree with you that there are times when it would be nice to filter out the noise and have a serious exchange on a topic.

    Right now, we can do that one-on-one with the IM feature of the Chat Room. [I am assuming that 'one-on-one' is an actual limitation to the IM. I could be wrong...Thierry?]
    I didn't know that 'anyone' could set up additional rooms.
    Maybe we want to do that on an ad hoc basis.
    Sounds like a middle ground between IM and a dedicated room.

    BTW: I apologize for setting you up for bashing with my initial reply. I'm sure you knew that I was just playing my post for laughs. Evidently, others may have thought I was painting a couple of concentric red circles on your back.

    Let the record show that I value your contributions — both in the Chat Room and on the Forum. :embarassed:
  18. XOM

    XOM Member

    Interesting reactions, thanks for the support of those that recognize my suggestion for what it is and Net; don't even sweat the 'set up', I had already figured this would happen no matter how diplomatically I tried to state the suggestion.

    As for you Hondaboy, don't be absurd...I don't like you anywhere:tongue:

    For the sake of any humor-challenged people, that was a joke. I don't understand why Hondaboy would say or think that I don't like him in chat. This is the point some of you seem to be missing, I'm not trying to break up your party, just thinking that those who are busy trading and that have been noticeably quiet the past few days might talk a little more in a room designed for such people.

    As already stated, it was a suggestion. I'll just make a room myself and talk to myself if nobody else shows up, no big deal.
  19. ChartShark

    ChartShark Member

    I just played around with the chat application for a moment, and this is probably already known, but anyone can create a room. This room can be named anything the creator desires (e.g. Madam Puswa's Palace of Profits or Strictly Stocks) and the password is optional. I think with the community here, passwords would be unnecessary, unless you were discussing my aforementioned super specific stock market secrets. (PM me for these secrets - they're only $40 and fistfuls of money can be yours) What's with my love of alliteration, by the way?

    Anyway, I respect your thought, XOM. I understand the desire to perhaps get away from the POT and WNR jokes for a moment and really talk shop. Give it a shot, and see how it works out.
  20. yupyup

    yupyup Member won weekly contest 2x

    I think a 2nd room dedicated to trading / stocks would be beneficial. Would filter out a lot of the noise.

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