Why we disappeared this morning!

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    You may have noticed that our server was not online this morning - here is the email I received to explain what happened. Our dedicated servers are hosted by one of the top companies in the US doing this, but accidents will happen I guess.


    [CODERO] - Phoenix DC Power Outage Notification

    Codero Operations to me

    11:14 AM (45 minutes ago)

    Today, our Phoenix data center experienced a major power failure issue
    which disrupted services for each of our customers. The purpose of this
    e-mail is to provide you the details about what has happened, and what
    Codero is doing to restore services to our customers.

    At approximately 8:00AM Central Time, utility power to our Phoenix data
    center and the surrounding area was cut. The City of Phoenix has not yet
    informed us of what caused this issue. Upon failure of utility power,
    backup generator fired-up as designed but the switching gear failed to
    transfer load to the backup power. Codero staff immediately contacted all
    of our power vendors as well as building maintenance since the transfer
    gear and generator are not owned by Codero and are out of our physical
    control. Unfortunately, the electrical group which could manually
    transfer the load did not arrive before our UPS and battery loads
    diminished, and electrical service shutdown.

    Upon arriving, faulty breakers had to be replaced before they were able to
    transfer the load to the backup power source. Shortly after this transfer,
    utility power was restored, and the PHX data center is currently back on
    utility power.

    One of our primary PDU’s experienced issues as a result of the complete
    loss of power. This PDU services many customers, as well as many of the
    primary core network gear. Engineers immediately went to work on fixing
    the PDU issue. We will provide an update on this as more information
    becomes available.

    Codero is currently powering on servers which are not affected by the
    PDU’s failure, and we will continue to notify you via e-mail as well as
    on our twitter accounts (@CoderoNOC and @Codero) as soon as more
    information becomes available. We offer our sincerest apologies and our
    assurance that we are doing everything within our control to return
    services to normal for you.

    In addition to communications throughout this situation, we will provide
    you a complete report on the issues and what Codero is doing to ensure
    these problems don’t reoccur in the future as soon as we can.




    If you were wondering what a PDU was, here it is:

    Protocol data unit
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In telecommunications, the term Protocol Data Unit (PDU) has the following meanings:

    Information that is delivered as a unit among peer entities of a network and that may contain control information, address information, or data.

    In a layered system, a unit of data which is specified in a protocol of a given layer and which consists of protocol-control information and possibly user data of that layer. For example: Bridge PDU or iSCSI PDU[1]
    PDUs are relevant in relation to each of the first 4 layers of the OSI model as follows:
    The Layer 1 (Physical Layer) PDU is the bit
    The Layer 2 (Data Link Layer) PDU is the frame
    The Layer 3 (Network Layer) PDU is the packet
    The Layer 4 (Transport Layer) PDU is the segment (e.g. TCP segment)
    (Layer 5 and above are referred to as data.)

    Given a context pertaining to a specific layer, PDU is sometimes used as a synonym for its representation at that layer.

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