Why are you on the forum tonight?

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    BOOOYAHOOO! banned

    Re: Why are you on the forum today?

    Do you get paid estree for starting new blogs or what? :) What this site is missing is a trading simulator where people can test their skills using real time trades....with a side smattering of cheating of course. :)
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  2. wallnut

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    Now I understand why you are a SWF, I have only read your posts that I have been forced to look through due to the length and of your obvious disillusions to the posts of any of our serious contributers, NAG NAG NAG, is all you have offered not, buy buy buy ........ Do you see the diff.????
    I don't care who is on here nor do I care what they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like to see new ideas and express new ideas without prejudice!! And if Thierry makes this passable than more power to him!!! I have signed on to a free site and earned myself a 25.00 book, plus Thierry paid for the shipping of an additional 10.00. Would you do that for a complete stranger??????????
    My opinion is you should piss off or shut up, I refuse to put anyone on ignore but you are pushing my buttons..

    What it all comes down to is that i am board and I AND ALL I CAN SEE IS RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thats not mentioning the fact that my wife fell outta bed this morning landed on her menstrual cycle and ran my ass over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE RED!!!
    Please, if you don't have a stock to recommend or a real background check to make (on a stock) don't reply!!!!
    Otherwise I can assure you there will be more criticism in your near future.
  3. aiki14

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    to swf...

    Madam, I suggest you read the story of chicken little. You cast a wide blanket and cover so many innocents that any good you may hope to accomplish is grossly overshadowed. The folks here who you accuse of being pumpers or scammers are more likely investors/traders rooting for a security in which they have a legitimate investment.
    I'll assume your intentions are honorable (my philosophy is never attribute to malice what is equally likely foolishness) and urge you to mediate your posts, it will result in your being taken more seriously when your point is valid.
  4. Thierry Martin

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    OK, SWFseeksM4LTR is banned. I probably should have done this a long time ago.

    I deleted a couple of her last posts.

    I also deleted a couple of posts by others that referred to her last deleted posts, don't take that personally, it's just that those posts didn't make sense anymore.

    Please let me know if you see her come back with a different account, she will be easy to spot, she is very paranoid.
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  5. mhertz

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    great move, Thierry -- just get rid of that idiot!
  6. aiki14

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    What? Ban the crimson crusader!! How will we get along in this financial minefield without her.
    Also my previous post is gonna look a bit odd with her not above it. And I wasted 20 bucks on a mouse with a scroll wheel to get through her posts.
  7. Luc1Grunt

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    Aik, your wheel will likely be put to use again soon. I keep mine lubed and ready.

    By the way, maybe SWF is really Dina Moe Hum
  8. MoMoney4Me

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    the quote says it all
  9. who8me2k7

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    I like hearing other peoples input :)

    I have also been lured into ANAD by MoMoney not too long ago. Been down for a bit, but the stock is nice and will go back up and skyrocket after next quarter.

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