Weekly stock challenge 4/25/08

Discussion in 'Weekly stock picking challenge' started by Thierry Martin, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    OnlineTradersForum.com Stock Picking Challenge

    Pick the highest percentage mover and win your win will be recorded next to your name in the forum.

    Choose any stock that trades in the US market that closed at $2.00 or over with at least 100,000 share volume as of the Friday close before the contest starts on Monday.

    Your entry price will be the market open price on Monday.

    A brief rationale for your pick makes the contest more fun.
  2. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    Re: Weekly stock challenge 4/24/08


    PDS longgggggggggg
    tight lines jb


    sdth long for next week. I will be in Aruba good luck guys.
  3. rkahn

    rkahn Member weekly contest winner

    SYNA long
  4. 1960vw

    1960vw Member won weekly contest 3x

    WM long. I think Wamu is going to trickle back up to respectable levels due to cash input.
  5. Pinguin

    Pinguin Member won weekly contest 5x

    I'll take Q long
  6. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    EMC long please sir.
  7. flybynight

    flybynight Member weekly contest winner

  8. Hondaboy

    Hondaboy Member weekly contest winner

  9. TheChartGuru

    TheChartGuru Active Member won weekly contest 7x won sept/08 simulator won feb/06 simulator won jan/08 simulator won may/06 simulator won mar/08 simulator

    RDTA short

    With an RSI(15) of 89.37, I have no choice but go short.


    The Guru has spoken
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  10. John Law

    John Law Member weekly contest winner

    LEH short.
  11. primer

    primer Member

    IKN Long.
  12. yupyup

    yupyup Member won weekly contest 2x

    AAPL Long
  13. Wreck_IT

    Wreck_IT New Member

    DUG LONG for my first post haha
  14. Hirsch

    Hirsch Member

    NTRI Long

    After the big gap up two weeks back and last week's placid performance despite the positive rise in the market overall, I'm still thinking NTRI has more potential for upward movement. Something that resembles a Bull Flag can be seen in the charts for NTRI


    With the S&P 600 small cap move for NTRI and the number of companies releasing earnings this week, hopefully it'll be better than last week. RSI and Slow Stoch indicate NTRI getting near over-bought which makes the chart seem iffy (both are around 70), but it appears as though the stock hit bottom a while back and the last week could have been shaking weak hands out.
  15. ChartShark

    ChartShark Member

    Since this isn't real money, who needs to wait for confirmation?

    PAET long.

    Explanation is in my thread.
  16. bigzip

    bigzip Member won weekly contest 4x

    AXL long
  17. Shhhhh

    Shhhhh Member weekly contest winner

    Long NCC. This guys had the crap beat out of it lately. hasn't really participated in the financials rally either. I believe unless they experience some sort of bear stearns sized catastrophe, i.e. and takeunder for $3-$4. They have cash, a sizable ($1B+) position in visa. and a strong presence in the midwest.

    The market should respond nicely to their earns which come out tuesday. There is so much bad news caked into their current price, I think they could experience a relief rally. I believe this is going to be a good play for the week, and also long term.

    Disclosure. I am a holder of NCC. So my money is where my hypothetical mouth is!!

    best of luck to all.
  18. Tonkatoy

    Tonkatoy Member

    PEIX long please. Small Ethanol play. Daily Charts show RSI is low. Stochastics show its oversold.
  19. Supreona

    Supreona Member weekly contest winner

    UFPT Short
  20. Keventerprises

    Keventerprises Active Member weekly contest winner

    If it hasn't been taken, I'm going to show faith and confidence in PAL Long.

    If it doesn't go up, I'll kill it myself.

    All the best!
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