Week of 7/24/17: "Snake Bites"!

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    Trump knows how to pick names!Rex Tillerson, now Anthony Scaramucci
    Term of the Week:Sturgeon's law
    How to be “studious uncurious”
    Checking Up on the Voter

    Netflix is wasting a fortune on stand-up--- Few of these comedians are funny, because relying on the “F” word and anti-Trump automatically tunes out much of the audience…As a Trumpster, I still appreciate a good anti-Trump joke, but doing this takes both a talented writer as well as a deliverer…. Good comedy should cut across all and be spot-on, though only admitted secretly an observation is true…. As with Chief Operating Lizards, I DON’T WANT AUTOMATICALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR FREAKING POLITICS ARE!

    Brain Flatulence:

    OMG, for Whirlpool, etc., with Amazon buying Sear’s Kenmore appliance division—BUT WAIT! Kenmore basically buys products from Whirlpool, etc., THEN brands the product as Kenmore—as does other mfds (Ref)
    From the Whirlpool Conference Call (7/27/17): Marc Robert Bitzer - Whirlpool Corp.: “the Kenmore brand is owned by Sears and it's subject to their decision kind of where the brand is being sold. So, in a very short-term, and I know there has been some reports and comments on this one, in the short-term, given that we produce Kenmore and still have a very significant OEM Kenmore business, they're certainly not a negative impact for us, if at all, neutral to even slightly positive…. I would say from a long-term, a lot has yet to be seen, probably in the second half in terms of how much pick up they actually get… (Ref)….The neat thing is Whirlpool win both with Amazon AND box stores!
    OMG for big box stores and malls being crushed by AMZ—BUT WAIT! Only a matter of time before some high octane politico brings up anti-trust against AMZ—because this politico would pick up some serious sotte voce coins from retailers, oh, say, WMT
    Trump Tweets have started linking “Amazon/Washington Post,” so I am watching the first shot at Jeff B. with an anti-trust salvo when the Washington Lizards return from vacation…. (Prince Charles has been hired as a Congressional Consultant on how to take vacations from vacations from vacations)….
    If I had $10K to speculate, I would go with Target…. At the close of Fri (7/28), Target closed at $56.10, while Whirlpool closed at $177.51Whirlpool wins regardless how this plays out! Whirlpool should move some metal this year! All in all, in the weeks ahead, these two companies will be fun to watch.... Pretty sure Jeff Bezos has his one eye on all this....

    Lot of "Snake Bites" in the news...
    • OUCH! Chipotle is getting bit by short sellers with the convenient, timely news of rats "raining down" at a Chipotle
    • Being “snake bitten”: Sen. John McCain: surviving the worst Viet Com POW camp, taking the fall for Obama, suffering the rise of Trump, tangling with his voters, then brain cancer of the worse sort—OUCH!
    • About to be “snake bitten”: my favorite actor Tom Cruise, who is headed into “Clinton-Land” with his next movie—which should be a major hit in Fly Over Country….IF 6-Degrees of Separation works, then would you contact my favorite actor to spend some time with a look at the survival rate of those who tangle with Clinton-Land…IF Tom gets a wee-hour invite to Fort Marcy Park, Washington, he might decline the visit (those suicides with shots in the back of the noggin are hard to pull off)… (Someone else who might decline a wee hour park visit is 37-year-old Imran Awan, an IT staffer for Hillary Clinton pal Debbie Wasserman Schultz…Awan had been under investigation for bank fraud when caught trying to flee the country) —Sorry, all this is fake speculation, oh, say, like “Pizzagate” and Seth Rich death, because we Pawn in Fly Over Country must remember the Washington Lizard & their Lackey Class have our backs, as does the Wall Street Lizards & Lackeys…Makes me feel warm and cozy! Definitely stay tuned on this movie--should be fun and major ka-ching for Tom C....
    Washington & Wall Street "Lizard" Watch....
    “Mad Money” (Podcast has NO ads) – Video of each segmentCramer on Chart Reading

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