Week of 7/17/17: A SHOUT-OUT TO CRAMER!!!!!!!!!

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    Right off: a genuine shout-out to Cramer when on his Wednesday “Mad Money,” he gave time to the stray dog that he has adopted (named “Nvidia”), as well as other strays through Cramer's life he has adopted—THANK YOU FOR THE PUBLICITY! Unwanted animals ALWAYS need remembering...(You can listen to this on the Wed. "Mad Money" podcast, the first segment)
    2-things I am glad still affects Cramer: the time he was so down and out he lived in his car, and he now owns and operates a small inn and small bar....
    One of my former stray cats is named "Snake," because cats are snakes with fur: cats by nature are as crafty and "oozy" as reptiles and those "lizards" who haunt Washington and Wall Street....

    Johnny Depp will be a guest hoarder on “America’s Got Hoarders, Too!” Explained Depp, "Hoarding for us special people can be almost as devastating as not having the latest private jet to fly to an Al Gore Global Warming Conference in Aspen. It is sad, so, so sad. Trump and Putin, obviously, do not help."

    Retiring Extremely Okay Beat
    Today, as I tangled again with Dollar General and Walmart, I had an epiphany about being old; It is so very nice no longer pretending I can walk in someone else’s “shoes”—Frankly, eff it! I honestly sometimes don't even want to walk in mine!

    Walmart to battle Amazon has a research lab to increase its coveted “Despise Shopping” ratio in its warehouse like stores…Tip to these warehouse size stores: in the center, how about a rest zone? Use this as a hub, so when we renew, we can take another spoke to shop….Put out free sample dispensers to pay for this Renew Block…. Companies would dearly pay for this chance….

    Part of meditation is remembering no one—ABSOLUTELY, 100% NO ONE—HAS HIS SHT TOGETHER WHO DOES NOT HAVE A PR ARMY TELLING YOU S/HE DOES! Any current star in anything, any guru, any billionaire drools, drains, pukes, farts, pisses, etc. the same as any of us Pawns, and they do not have their sh*t together anymore than we mere Pawns…

    Time Management Clue: Life is not long enough to ingest any latest and greatest sub-par crap—which is anything taking a prolong amount of time to half ass absorb for society…. To save both time & money, continue to increase what you don’t know—and don’t have to know, such as social media, major news memes, etc. to retire extremely okay….

    The British government was concerned about the number of venomous cobra snakes in Delhi—What was learned about Reality 1-0-1

    “Fame is the get out of jail free card,” Rake, a Netflix legal series from Australia much like “Better Call Saul”...
    Tip for a new Netflix series: as with an American version of “House of Cards,” BBC has an English version, do an American version of “Rake,” staring Hugh Laurie (“House”)….

    Wall Street and Washington “Lizards & Lackeys” are the new Robber Barons

    Influenza is named for the Italian word for “influence”. People initially believed that the effects of the flu were a result of the body being “influenced” by astrological changes (More)
    Evergreens (old favorites worth checking during the week)
    “Mad Money” (NO ads) – Video of each segmentCramer on Chart Reading

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