Wall Street and Business Scandals

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    Let me know if there is ever going to a week that goes by without some frikking scandal. (Today's Walmart). Jeez am I the only one sick and tired of these crooks skating, thus perpetuating the stink and repeated problems?

    We can start by putting these guys in "stocks" and then kick it up a few notches:

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    Everyone needs to watch Inside Job documentary to really get a sense of how the little guy is getting screwed.
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    All one has to do is look at who got bailed out and who got the shaft. The banks, GM, and the leaders of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac got sweet deals meanwhile America got stuck with the bill. The labor unions got a huge kickback via the 830 billion dollar porkulus bill known as the American Recovery and Reinvesment Act of 2009 which included no-documentation loans to green jobs companies like bankrupt Solyndra. GE's CEO was selected as an economic advisor for the Barack White House and GE somehow made billions and didn't pay a dime in taxes and SEIU boss Andy Stern was a personal advisor to Barack visiting the White House more than anyone else in 2010. Let's face it, unless you have a lobbyist group you're not going to receive true representation from the Federal Government.
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