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Discussion in 'Forum information and help' started by Thierry Martin, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. TonyM

    TonyM Active Member weekly contest winner

    User reputation enabled 01-09-2008 04:46 PM wants negative votes

    Keep 'em coming, I'm only at -55 currently, what's your current score gzap? I'm closing in on you, I can feel it.
  2. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    I gave a you a positive earlier today! Sorry!

    My little square has gone black! What's up with that!?
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  3. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    The black square appears when you disable showing your reputation in the control panel. You can always see how many points you have though and you can still turn it back on when you want.
  4. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    So I disabled it?? I really don't remember doing that. I on't even know how to do that! Weird.
  5. aiki14

    aiki14 Well-Known Member won april/06 simulator won weekly contest 13x won feb/07 simulator won jan/07 simulator won nov/06 simulator won mar/07 simulator

    I disabled mine. I find the whole concept of anonymously rating someone gives me an uneasy feeling, similar to gossiping. I don't like it, won't use it, and would prefer if it was gone.
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  6. Jelly

    Jelly Member

    But it's just like an Ebay rating and a wonderful way to entice those who would seek to speak colorfully and with zooberance to STFU and be a quiet little mouse in sheeps clothing.

    In this way, we would be doing our little part to promote peace and harmony in the universe.....Ommmmmm

    Kind of a grass roots movement. Then we could expand and go down to the church and have a thanksgiving meal that couldn't be beat and return the favor by taking out a year's worth of garbage and loading it into the Vee Double U microbus and taking it ....................

    Alice and the White Rabbit would be smiling.
  7. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    After giving or taking rep to/from someone, how many others do I have to vote on before I can vote on that same person again? Currently I get a message to "spread it around" a lot!
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  8. netwrangler

    netwrangler Well-Known Member

    Not to answer for TM, but I bet the answer to your question might promote gaming the system.

    Just as a matter of curiosity, I wonder if Chubby Kabob distributed any rep points to historical posters in his excursions digging up some really inane threads from the past. Well, no matter, he's gone a good riddance, IMHO.

    I have considered going back into the archives and rating past posts. Certainly many past posts of the Chart Guru are worthy of note. But then, TCG is posting now, so I can give him rep based on, "What have you done for me lately?"

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  9. reef

    reef Member won weekly contest 7x won aug/06 simulator won dec/07 simulator

    What I find absolutley hilarious is that if you go to the member list and click on reputation, it has me in first. Shocking to me because I dont add value to the site like most others - Aiki, Cman, Netwrangler, Svenwolf and many others. I'm still learning IMO and my stock advice would be to pay attention to what others like those above have to say. At least that is what I tell people when I let them know about this site. :biggrin:
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  10. netwrangler

    netwrangler Well-Known Member

    Hey Reef,

    The way I figure it, you're a good person to have on a camping trip. You do your part and you don't piss people off. I figure I'm up there behind you for much the same reasons. Why Aiki, Cman, Microhedge, Sven, and Englishman aren't ahead of us is no more mysterious than how BSGCORP is rated as high as he is.

    I'm reminded of the guy who played in a weekly poker game that was fixed. He lost regularly. His friends asked him why he continued to play. His response was, "I know the game is crooked, but it's the only game in town." That's kinda where we are.

    BTW Reef, I think you deserve a good rep on this forum. I think I do too. It's just weird to think that you and I are leading the pack.
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  11. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    You are limited to 20 votes in a day, and you have to hit 10 people before you hit the same person twice.
  12. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    Chubby (Luc1Grunt's alias) actually never had enough reputation points of his own to distribute any. You have to have a minimum number of posts and a minimum amount of reputation yourself before your votes actually count. The more reputation you have yourself, the more your votes add reputation to others.
  13. netwrangler

    netwrangler Well-Known Member

    Well, that may be correct, but it seems like there are other limits.

    I figure the best approach is not to worry about the rules. If a post works, try adding to the rep. If a post offends, send a negative message.

    Most posts won't rate a response from most people. Seems like that approach ought to even out over time - assuming that folks really are independent.

    Story from the past:
    In my High School, we had an organization called the "Mock Senate". These folks pretended to be US Senators and debated the political issues of the day.

    This was not a popular group. Indeed, the students in this organization tended to be somewhat non-athletic. "Flits" was the politically incorrect term of the time. Still, they enjoyed the Mock Senate and participated with enthusiasm.

    One year, the members of the football team decided to join the Mock Senate. When the entire team was present, they comprised a voting majority. They voted the Mock Senate out of existence.

    The "flits" were devastated. The school Administration annulled the vote. The football coach "counseled" his team members. The Mock Senate was restored. This was an early lesson for me about the dangers of "majority rule" and of polarized activism.

    [For those of you who might be wondering: No, I was not a member of the Mock Senate or the football team. I ran track, played tennis, wrestled, and played Bari Sax in various musical groups.]
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  14. reef

    reef Member won weekly contest 7x won aug/06 simulator won dec/07 simulator

    Ah! Is that why there are grey boxes next to a couple of mine? Because the person didnt have enuff rep?

    Well, I do like camping! :smokin:
  15. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    Black is reputation display disabled, grey is zero points, or no reputation yet.
  16. Jelly

    Jelly Member

    Brokeback camping? :eek2:

  17. reef

    reef Member won weekly contest 7x won aug/06 simulator won dec/07 simulator

    Oh yeah baby! LOL! NOT!

    Actually you might be familiar with a couple places I goto since your in Central Cali - Yosemite, Pinnacles, Big Sur, Mt Madonna, Big Basin. :proud:
  18. Albert0373

    Albert0373 forum leader won weekly contest 8x won sept/07 simulator won feb/09 simulator won july/08 simulator won oct/07 simulator won june/08 simulator

    I really really am skeptical of this...

    I've went thru most of his posts and none of them pertain to Luc's style of talking:

    Did you catch them on the same IPs? Must be a fluke..
  19. netwrangler

    netwrangler Well-Known Member

    As i understand Grunt's version of this, Chubby was a house sitter who had access to Grunt's computer.

    I agree, Albert, that the styles are very different. Chubby really ticked me off, while Grunt never did that. [OK, I never took Grunt on head-to-head, but, then, I never had reason to do that.]

    I figure the true test is not whether their postings were from the same IP address, but whether their postings overlapped from that IP address. That's something that only Thierry can tell us.

    As far as detecting dopplegangers goes, I figure that kthomllc and wallstreetsedge are the same posters. Maybe, now that I've said this, they will diverge. Still, it seemed like a good match to me. So, Thierry, what's the IP address story on those two?

    Of course, if I were to create a doppleganger for me, I'd make sure that the DG never posted from my primary computer.

    'hehe' (as Grunt would say)
  20. Luc1Grunt

    Luc1Grunt forum leader

    This post will likely be deleted as have all the posts defending against garbage (nice tactic).

    Robert (Khabob) had his fun. I take no responsibility for him. He is a trading "machine" and a good friend. He has taught me a great amount, but his attitude of this site is far worse than "my opinion" may appear at times.

    This is a forum right? I guess sensitivity is in the eye of the beholder or the "defender" of attacks?

    I do remember getting chastised for calling Prodigy a piece of shot. "My daughter reads this site" was the quote. Now we have open jpg.s on the off topic section with nudity? Hey I like it, but don't play that hypocritical crap when the chips are down.

    Too funny man, too funny.
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