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Discussion in 'Forum information and help' started by Luc1Grunt, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Luc1Grunt

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    By the looks at the number of views, this forum entitled "trading systems" is a bit sick. The overwhelming majority are for DS. Can this even be called a system? Any thread of any respectable content gets quickly moved to the bottom as the DS maintains it's status on top.

    I'm not posting blame to the site itself, but to the market that is drawn to this site.

    Education, trading systems (real ones), intellectual topics, and basic trading principles are not a central point of this entire forum.

    Sorry to see it has gone this route...maybe that's why I get frustrated. Yahoo garbage forums are for this kind of rhetoric.

    I know, I can always ignore.....but the side effect is that those posters having any respectable content are less likely to post.

    I find myself chiming in to the incessant "dribble" as well.

    Maybe I misunderstood the name of the site or confused it from "trader's and investors sharing ideas" to stock/program/pumpanddumpchasersRus.

    Admin, this is your site. It will/has evolve(d) to become a reflection of it's owner. Not sure if this is what you had in mind. I would say it is a reflection of the posters, but the vets are the one's screaming against what is going on.
  2. MaryKay1965

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    Luc, your thread only had 1 view.......thought I would help keep you at the top. You can thank me later.:idea:
  3. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    Interesting point Luc1, I had not stopped to consider the extended implications of this mess.

    Food for thought. Thanks.
  4. aiki14

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    Grunt, a lot of this is my fault, I haven't really exhibited good sense. I should have just ignored this DS nonsense, and didn't. After this contest thing is over I will endeavor to stay on topic. I certainly wont allow cretinous parasites to draw me and my ego into any other contests.
  5. Luc1Grunt

    Luc1Grunt forum leader

    I respectfully disagree.

    If it were not you, someone else would initiate fires and we all know the results of that.

    Some ("newb" shills) are shot down and leave immediately. Some wish to keep the fire going. You picked a "newb" who had a little more force and kept the game alive. The rest of us stood aside as you picked up the ball.

    This topic was lit long ago. "System". Jeeesh. Can't even say it without laughing.

    "Validation" of a known scam? Come on.

    My OP stands that the atmosphere is conducive to shills, scammers, and pump and dump. That happens on every site.

    "How it is handled" is what droops my noodle.

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