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    New to trading I recently read the book "Internet Stock Trading and Market Research for the Small Investor" and liked the way the authors simplified trading strategy by using a fundamental analysis of news reports that drive the market. They included some great charts and figures that helped me make better purchases than I had been. I recommend that anyone get this book as part of your research and education about the stock market! Does anyone else have any recommendations? Thanks!!
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    Thankx for the list..
    i am looking at the Marcel Link book.....looks pretty good.
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    I highly, highly recommend "The Power Curve" by scott kyle. I've read 3 other well known trading/investing books and this one was by far the best overall. Its short/precise and covers basically everything (stresses on the importance of dividend stocks and the use of options). Really all you need is this book and a technical analysis book and you will be set.
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    High Probability Trading by Link is indeed a good choice. If you are completely new, Alexander Elder's early books like Come Into My Trading Room are good. Be sure to also take a look at Van K Tharp's early books as well... his latest work seems to simply replicate and/or restate ideas from his first books, but his emphasis on position sizing and it's outsize effect on your trading results is worth a look.

    While developing an understanding of basic mechanics, strategies and tactics, you should also work on your trading psychology. You will likely find that this is the more difficult (yet more important) area of trading. The Disciplined Trader and Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas are must reads... It's not trading specific, but I also like Talent is Overrated by Geoffrey Colvin.

    Whichever books you choose to start, never stop reading and learning. Trading can be frustrating, but what worthwhile endeavor isn't?

    Good luck and good trading...
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    I'm reading Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder.

    Anybody read that book? It is a little outdated, but the basic techniques should be still valid. What do you guys think about that?

    Also does anybody have a subscription to his website
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    Great book... Elder's work is good, especially if you are new to the markets... great introduction. Markets don't really change all that much, so good resources will generally remain applicable over time.

    Just be sure to stay with it when it's frustrating and/or boring (because it will be at times).

    Good luck and good trading...

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