TLGT (MC $70 M) 69 Marketed Drugs / 22 Drugs awaiting FDA approval /Profitable this year

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    TLGT = Market Cap $70 Million / 69 Drugs on Market in USA & Canada / 22 Drugs awaiting FDA approval / Additional 39 Products in Pipeline / Profitability expected this year / Strong Insider & Institutional Ownership (see below) = Cheapest Pharma play out there with significant upside potential ..Fair value is between $6-8 right NOW .GL

    Teligent (TLGT)

    Market Cap: $70 Million
    Price: $1.31

    Shares Out: 53.7 Million

    We currently have 22 Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) on file at the FDA, representing a total addressable market of approximately $1.6 billion (IQVIA, June 2018).



    Institutional Ownership:

    Signet Healthcare Partners LLC 9,851,861
    venBio Select Advisor LLC 5,299,431
    Elk Creek Partners LLC 4,602,755
    BlackRock Fund Advisors 3,257,509
    Prosight Management LP 3,240,761
    Broadfin Capital LLC 3,052,852
    AMI Asset Management Corp. 2,714,292
    The Vanguard Group, Inc. 2,165,610
    Eversept Partners LP 2,112,098
    Sanders Morris Harris LLC (Investment Management) 1,545,032
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    over 20% of shares are short and stock is oversold so any good news will let this stock fly like a rocket .

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