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    So, what's a cooperative? def. a business organization owned and operated by a group of individuals for their mutual benefit.

    Well, that's why I chose that name. Since, let's face it, if your interest is primarily making a profit, then it is a business. Along with the idea is to use multiple minds to continuously improve profitability.

    Thanks to Thierry for creating the sub-forum.

    I'm sure you've read the $200/day thread if you're reading this. If not, you can visit the sub-forum, which is the 5th one down below this one. The initial thread is a 'sticky' there.

    If you want to "participate" in the cooperative, please click on my name and send me a PM. I would like to first see some personal info to help see who will initially participate and who will simply view the progress initially. Don't worry. That doesn't mean it's like a country club with ultra snobbery. I'm sure there will be parts of the group that will be for folks with less money and parts with folks who have more to trade/invest. And everyone will have different feelings about what plan or plans they like best. Some will focus on only one plan and some might employ multiple plans. Some will want to participate and some will just want to view.
    There will be controls that will allow folks to join or not, and that will keep it probably to a smaller population than the main forum.

    It will evolve in stages I'm sure.

    Here's what would be helpful in the PM. Copy and Paste this in:

    Subject: Interest in joining TIC

    Body: Name (full name would be best)

    Forum name (your login name that is)

    State (just for grins)

    Age group 18 to 25, 26 to 35, 36 to 45, 46 to 55, 56 and older

    Trading experience years

    Type of trade(s) you like to do, or styles: Options, Stocks, both, other
    (please put as much as you can here) Investing, day, swing, all

    How much profit you try to make each month - < 1%, 1%, 5%, 10%, higher

    How you feel you would like to participate (research, specializing in certain fields, etc)


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    I've added 3 threads to the TIC sub-forum for the 3 levels of trading.
  3. txjeff

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    So far we have VielGeld, MadCow, Xring01, Useless and me as members. Don't forget to PM me if you are interested.
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    Notice that Thierry helped split this into two sub-forums. One for Dev and Research and one for posting the daily plans. The D and R is for the members to do their homework. The plans are the results of that.
  5. txjeff

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    Note that the TIC group is still in the inception stages. I'll post a separate thread when the groundwork is completed.
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    Did you purchase the OptionsMD program? If so, would love to hear more about your experience.
  7. Thierry Martin

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    Hi; Yes I purchased the program but felt that it was insufficient, in and of itself, to get me to a level of doing well with it. You have to dedicate allot of time and effort, and when I went back to work, I had a hard time doing so. I actually asked for a refund after a year but Doc was so cool about it that he is now helping me one on one, to get a grip on mastering the program. The hardest part is completely divesting myself from the old methods that most of us are driven to at an early age. You must fully discard all the bad habits, get rid of brokerage houses that restrict trading methods, and get away from CNBC altogether! I'm close to become an effective trader, but I'm still in simulation mode.
  9. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    Thanks for the update txjeff, that is really helpful information.
  10. novicetrader

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    Hi txjeff,

    I'm looking for options mentoring and considering er OptionsMD or SheridanMentroing. What is your overall experience with Doc Severn from OptionsMD? If you can brief your experience and the kind of trades he is doing and about his videos and teaching will be of great help. I want to make sure hard earned money doesn't go waste. I understand you need to dedicate a lot of time in learning but how bout his videos and teaching method ? and I hope its not a scam.

    Thanks in advance.
  11. txjeff

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    Hi Novice Trader; Sorry it took awhile to reply. Been a bit tied up this week. I certainly don't think it's a scam or I would have given them a hard time asking for the refund. What is hardest in any "system" is the distrust that this is yet another scam only because there are so many get rich quick scams. You won't hear anywhere in the O.MD system Doc speaking of "get rich quick". In fact, just the opposite. He tries to make it clear that you shouldn't risk a dime in the market until you have "earned the right" to do so. And even at that, you would get into it slowly at first and only increase trades in phases. If you mess up, then you have to go back a phase or two and practice more at a lower level. But, what is also honest is, even the best will have a month that is not profitable. You won't always win and you have to accept that maybe 80% of the time you win and that's good, as long as your net profit is as planned. And that's part of it too. Setting up both a business and trading plan. This is far, far more than "tell how to place a trade and win". It is a lifestyle change in trading. Also, part of what I desired was not feeling like I can't sleep worrying about trades that are place overnight or over a weekend. Nor did I want to plop myself in front of the computer all day long staring at trades and worrying about a split second change in direction. There are people that live for the "action". I live for the profit. Save the action for Vegas. It's not what you invest; it's what you profit from the investment. Any fool can stick their hard earned savings into a stock or option. But most 'traders' come out with a zero sum gain.

    That's not to say that this isn't expensive. It is pretty expensive. On top of that, the newsletter, which I consider a must have, is also a fairly expensive proposition. Years ago Doc did this same newsletter for a fraction of the cost (as an independent). But now it's far more expensive. So my rationalization was if it works well, then it will pay for itself, and if it's that valuable of a life changing investment plan then it's worth it.

    Obviously if trading was simple, everyone and their brother would be doing it and not working. It's not simple. And yes; really rich people and professionals have a serious edge over Joe public. Not to mention our friends in government who voted back their right to insider trading not more than a few weeks ago. So my interest is having my own edge by trading smarter and more professionally. I've done poorly with standard emotion based trading. And with directional "go long" trading. And as someone who is over 55, it's not the time for me to be doing allot of high risk speculative trading that I can recoup the losses if I choose wrong. Instead, I look at it as a part of my monthly income to supplement other sources. Therefore it has to be far more calculated and dependable than, "maybe this year I'll do ok".

    So for me, it fits my desires and needs. But I also feel and can be tailored to meet anyone's needs. The golden rules of the system should truly apply to anyone who wants to minimize risk in their investments. However, this is not a testimonial nor is it an endorsement of the program. Because, as with any plan, it is 100% up to me whether it succeeds or doesn't. Taking a vested interest and putting in the time is what it takes. I can't speak for the other plan. Don't know anything about it. But a quick look at Sheridan is that it's kind of like tradingconceptsinc. So it might be ok as well if it's similar.

    I will say that I like Doc's level headed personality and very centered focus. He has a very strong grasp of his system, and personally uses it as part of his monthly living. He's not just teaching you something that he wouldn't touch himself.

    I hope this helps. I know this is a hard choice to make, but I really feel that if I found the system totally of no value and gave up in frustration that I would most likely get a refund. Bear in mind, if you are in a big hurry to make a bunch of money, especially after seeing this sizable market rise the past few months, and it's got you all stirred up in investing, etc... this is probably not the system for you. It is slow, and deliberate... you won't make any money in it for quite awhile. In fact, I haven't made a dime with it yet going on 13 months. But I still believe it's just a matter of time.

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