Thierry, a support ( $$$$$ ) question

Discussion in 'Forum information and help' started by Rich, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Rich

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    I looked but can not find how you run this site. Is it supported by advertisements alone? I've found no links concerning support for this site.

    I have two kids in college and funds are tight, but I appreciate your site and the posters here, some of the brightest minds I've EVER ran across concerning finances post here and they are wonderful people. Concerning you, your about the best host I've ever come across, never condensending or rude but always helpful.

    I quess what I'm saying is, I would not want this site close due to lack of support. I've lost $$ this year, especially after todays market, but the knowledge of how I lost means a great deal to me. Heck, I may never make a buck but its been a heck of a ride!!!!

    Please let me (us) know if your doing ok with this site.

  2. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    The site is sustaining itself financially. I appreciate your concern. We do have to run advertising since we don't charge anything to participate. Hope it doesn't offend you! Thanks though for your kind comments, it always makes the work I do here more satisfying when I am reminded that some people actually benefit from it somehow. I get lost in the day to day maintenance chores and forget sometimes why I am doing this.

    I am trying to slowly but surely build our audience, which is actually something I started to do about one year ago. Unfortunately, a deeply hurtful personal family crisis occurred at that time. Things are more stable now than they were one year ago, and although my problem is not over, I am able to spend more time and energy on this site now, and I have even begun sending out books that were won in the weekly and monthly contests, going back over a year ago.

    You should feel confident that will be around for a long time, and should improve in all aspects as we try different things to find what works to expand our audience and usefulness.

    Thanks for your support, which is so important, because in the end this site is really a collection of the contributions of users like you. Almost everything on the site is a result of the suggestions, criticisms, ideas and reactions of our members.
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  3. Rich

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    Not at all, its not like other sites that charge and still provide the subscriber with an enviroment of pop up hell!!!

    I must ask, do you only recieve payments for the advertisements when people click on them or just because they are there? If we must click on them I'll be sure to do it daily........

  4. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    We receive money for impressions, clicks, and sales or leads. Clicking on ads for no other reason except to generate revenue for the publisher would not achieve anything - the ads would quickly lose their value to the advertiser as they would not lead to a sale and they would either stop running the ads with us or adjust the amount they paid for a click. I appreciate your concern but if you want to help the site the best way to do that is to participate in the forums. If you click on an ad it should be because you want to, not for any other reason.
  5. Rich

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    Sounds good Thierry.

    I know Drudge gets 5 cents for every click and pop up, that is one reason he reloads the page all the time and also why he doesn't have it open a new page when you click on a new item, so I just thought...

    Glad all is well bud


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