The Holiday Season: Does It Matter?

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  1. pilafdm

    pilafdm New Member

    To oversimplify, I've heard something like the following:
    "Invest soon in things that'll get busy for the winter holidays, like dept. stores and big box retailers and shipping & logistics companies and even local energy -- then, just sell after the holidays!"

    Is there any sagacity in this? Ought I lean towards buying these kinds of stocks for the moment?

    Any advice appreciated!
  2. John Bradford

    John Bradford Member

    There are definitely seasonal qualities to various stocks. For example, if you look at the DOW stocks, they do on average go up in Nov-Dec, and go down in Jan-Feb. But is that enough of an edge to trade on? Not for me. It's not that consistent.

    For retailers and the holiday season...I think more depends on the economy in that particular year, rather than assuming that all big retailers will go up for Christmas.

    You could do a little chart research on your fav retailer and see what they did in the past 5 years. I gave a quick look at BestBuy just now, but they have early December earnings, which is a much stronger driver than the holiday season.

  3. Hunter

    Hunter New Member

    I see the whole market doing well at this holiday season.Stores doing good business tend to lift everything else.
  4. shulink

    shulink Member

    Amazon stock often do well during holiday season. You can study their past history and try to find patterns.

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