Stock of the Week 7/25/05 - Motorola

Discussion in 'Jim Cramer's Mad Money recaps' started by Thierry Martin, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. Thierry Martin

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    Motorola (MOT) - Cramer's pick of the week 7/25/05

    Instead of announcing his stock of the week on Mondays, like he usually does, Cramer got excited and decided to tell viewers on Friday night instead.

    Cramer wants investors in the stock right away.

    "Own Motorola!" Cramer screamed.
  2. dog

    dog Member

    Did Cramer give a target sell price?

    Did he suggest this would be a long or short term thing?

    Does MOT and the wireless industry have the juice for strong growth over the next 12 months?

    Are there any wireless mutual funds?
  3. ki klempa

    ki klempa Member

    Motorola PRICE TARGET

    i Watch the money channel every 1:30 to 2pm and their price target of MOT is $31.00, by end of 2006. Cramer mentioned 30.00 a few times so I bought a few hund at 19.00, even if it goes to 25 I'm happy
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