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    This thread is designed to focus on a small group of investment and trading research websites or other services offering the best possible information for fund creation. So far, I've tended to use, SEC sites, and Fidelity's research as my primary sources, but I will use dozens of others depending upon the type of info I'm looking for. Let's try to create this list as a group and agree on the best choices for investing and for trading.
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    TSCO- My research

    I sent this via email to a few of you yesterday... Per an email with Steve, decided to post it here.

    Tractor Supply company… Background… I have owned this for many years. I love this stock. Made me a lot of Money, I have sold off proceeds for years to buy other stocks. Its currently 33% of my (Speculative Portfolio)…

    TSCO… Just reported that its going to beat its own estimates… Currently its trading at 30P/E Ratio. It has supported above 28 for a while. If it hits the earnings that it’s supposed to ($3.63), that puts the P/E Ratio the 25 Point category. That means it can easily support a price of $105 with the $3.63 earnings and a 29 P/E … There is a bloomberg article on the earnings you should read... I just dont have the time to find it at the moment...

    TSCO is a Buy… I predict it could easily hit $105 in about 3-4 months… which means a 15% upside potential…

    My usual disclaimer on Stocks… Set your stop loss order at 3% of your purchase price to protect you, as the price of the stock goes up, move the stop loss up.. maintain that 3%. … Buy in stages… Say if you are investing $10,000, I would buy $5000 ASAP… See what it does for a few days, Then Buy another $5000…
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    Re: TSCO- My research

    The biggest question is, will the market sustain a price above 1440 on the S&P? Or is a correction in the near future? So, regardless, any trades placed should have protection. TSCO pulled back a dollar at 12:25 EST.

    Last earnings period it did ok, and then it went down. I was scratching my head on that one.

    It is a popular one to hold in investment mutual funds. .12/share dividend
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    Good point Jeff,

    I guess I should have taken into account the overall market into this equation. However, this is one stock that doesnt follow the market. Which is why I didnt...

    Seriously, take a look at its 5 yr performance... its a upward 30% angle... When the market pulls back.. TSCO really doesnt...

    For some reason this sucker consistantly trades within 6% of its 52 week high. On rare occasions you can get it at 10% of its 52 week high...

    Basically, if it pulls back, you have a chance at a better buy in price... If not, I still think it will perform as I stated above.. as long as the Market doesnt tank ... say down 400 pts...

    But thats why I set stop losses... To protect me from quick down turns.
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    We'll add that one to one of the plans. How about you become the caretaker of that equity since you've followed it for so long, you know the pattern.

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