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    If you have a website, newsletter or blog that is about trading or investing, the following affiliate programs are the top ones that I personally recommend. Place some ads on your sites or in your newsletters, and you should see some great results if you have the right target audience for quality trading products and services.

    We use all of these, and we see high commissons, good revenue, timely payments, great advertising materials and solid products. Contact me if you need any more information.

    Market Authority Affiliate Program
    They are paying 40% commissions for all sales, including back-end sales made after your initial referral. You will receive 50% 14 days after the sale and the other 50% paid at the end of the 60-day refund period. Their cookies are lifetime last cookie, once you make a sale that customer is tagged with your ID and any sales, including recurring sales, made by that customer will earn you a commission. Refer other affiliates to the program and receive 10% of any sales they make.
    All our trading services are evergreen, so you don’t have to mail with a herd of 200 other affiliates and compete for the same audience, which is what happens when you participate in launches. All our landing pages feature professionally produced videos without squeeze pages, so you know we won’t steal your leads and abuse them with unwanted mailings. sign up here / Marketclub Affiliate Program
    You can get $3 per lead, which can add up quickly. Top-notch outfit with great customer support. Geared more to beginning traders, and easy to sell, with some great content for you sites, newsletters and blogs. sign up here

    Active Trading Partners Affiliate Program
    This is the affiliate program for and, two great advisories with great content and recurring revenue. It's fairly new so your audience will not have heard of it, which allows you to get in on the ground floor. sign up here
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