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Discussion in 'Stock picks and trading strategies' started by Rat Fink, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Rat Fink

    Rat Fink Active Member

    QASP has taken on a new face and justifies a new thread.
    Its a subpenny stock now and testing the 52 week low.
    Thanks Dean Bradley! Nice work! Good luch getting buyers now.
  2. tanmaster3000

    tanmaster3000 New Member

    I dont mean to bash but, dean has really been toying around with prs and that 350 mil. I got out last wendsday because im lacking faith in this company down the line at this point
  3. Blaine Tarr

    Blaine Tarr forum leader won penny contest 24x won weekly contest 20x

    LOL, this is why this is tanking. .0095-.0098, Finally got my sub-penny buy order filled!!

    Thanks everyone selling here
  4. spencyg

    spencyg Member

    Ha! Me too. Buying more monday.
  5. Nan

    Nan Member

    4 hours before the exchange closed I placed a buy order at .010 when the last trade was aboutr .0127...thinking my figure was so low I would be surprised on checking 12 hours later if it were filled. It wasn't filled; am guessing the stock went even lower quickly and my buy at that level did not fit, and so it was bypassed.
  6. spencyg

    spencyg Member

    I think we might all have a few more chances to buy sub-penny next week. There will be a lot of anxiety just prior to news release and I suspect that will be indicated by another drop. Not saying this will certainly happen, but I have some more buys set up for sub penny.

    Good luck.
  7. bobbott

    bobbott New Member

    I bought some more Friday @ .0108 to average down also but I have removed all other buy orders even if/when it goes sub penny again.

    There comes a time when averaging down becomes throwing good money after bad. I am and have been long, there is potential here but now I am shifting to a wait and see posture for verifiable news.

  8. Nan

    Nan Member

    Spending part of my Sunday going back and forth between two stocks. More on that further down. Comments welcome.

    QASP: i have recently bought in... and am not trying to bash. i just was looking around via google and found the yahoo boards. there, some have posted that they've visited various places the addresses of which are associated with quasar, and found nothing much. 1556 walnut creek drive, in fleming island, florida zip 32003 according to the post sounds like a small apartment, or house with 1 or 2 renters. i don't know whether this will work, but here is the link. i read another message that refers to visiting an old airport and being thrown out, inquiring about quasar, evidently. perhaps this is normal posting coming from "bashers" but don't know how else to take it than at face vaue.

    i'm getting more and more interested in investing in another US stock GHDI and may change my buy to it for tomorrow instead of continuing to average down for QASP. i read about the ceo, a very good interview, and like not only the expression in his eyes and his general demeanor, but his responses. seems that getting in now isn't absolutely necessary, but the longer term past the next couple of months we'd want to be in by.

    here is the link for the quasar post about 1556:
  9. Bosnian

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    Use google maps, to verify the addresses.
  10. Blaine Tarr

    Blaine Tarr forum leader won penny contest 24x won weekly contest 20x

    Anyone else read this? There year target for QASP is .0058, based on no aquisitions or funding resulting in extremely small revenue only from Atlantic Aviation. Interesting..... QASP No doubt needs the $350M soon. I'm still positive for now, hoping we hear about the money this week.

    I can't blame anyone for being tired of this stock, but all this selling is crushing this thing. Wish more holders would just hold a bit longer, rather than selling to people like me sub-penny.

    Someone tried to paint the candle on friday as a few minutes before close it was a hammer (bullish candle) but someone hit the bid with a sell and it fell back. Friday was a very interesting trading day. I'm still glad I got my fill sub-penny as I'm already sitting at 10+% gain. I still hold some .013's and free shares from some time back. I have to say if we don't get money news this week, we may end up at the .0058 sooner rather than later. I know I'll be cashing out this week if nothing hits the wires. It will be my luck I cash out the day before Dean actually gets the money.

    Either way this as been an interesting stock, and I don't regret playing it. It got me a few nice profits & free shares, I just hope this doesn't turn a relatively clean Bradley, Ray, & Lundquist into the laugh fest of the penny world. Come on Inver, release the money already.
  11. Blaine Tarr

    Blaine Tarr forum leader won penny contest 24x won weekly contest 20x

    Interesing.... the Address registred with the state of Florida is the one at the Herlong Airport. The 1556 Address is Dean's Registered Agent Address (Personal Address). Check this out. Its a link to Quasar Aircraft Corp Florida Entity Registration.

    Be careful, the guys on the yahoo board are mostly bashers.
  12. Blaine Tarr

    Blaine Tarr forum leader won penny contest 24x won weekly contest 20x

    1556 Walnut Drive
    Orange Park, FL

    According to google maps.

    Check the street view picture, It looks like a nice area.
  13. Blaine Tarr

    Blaine Tarr forum leader won penny contest 24x won weekly contest 20x

  14. Nan

    Nan Member

    re: googlemaps look around: Thank you for reminding me - - indeed a nice enough area for Dean's residence, and an easy commute. all links posted work except the one in #10 - which leads to a "join this service" page. the information posted makes the point clearly though.

  15. Nan

    Nan Member

  16. Rat Fink

    Rat Fink Active Member

    Be careful Nan. In know my way around that I-Hub board better than most. Just check who they have on their banned list! LOL! Not that I'm some die hard basher, but got into not being PC with the mod. Apparenly you can not post the word 'stroke' without his approval. I am a die hard fliupper and didi very well accumulating a massive pile of free shares. Disapointed, I bailed about 75% around .014 and trying not to buy back in. It is hard. Maybe on the next big dip. MoMo is building once again and if this goes sideways today, I'll buy EOD at the ASK. It will be good for another flip.
    They're paid company shills on I-hub,
    Your link to Tufan123 post only needs to look that No one knows the acquisitions and for him to be posting all that is shill work at its best. No one know the acquisitions and just be careful.
    Remember all 6 acquisitions had to be closed on the same day, then we get two closed and can n ot expose these due to notifying the employees and customers, That has gone on for a way too long amount of time with out leaks from employees. Just to odd.
    Tigerfish is sort of a pie in the sky event. Why is Tigerfish not out singing glory in Ausie papers. QASP was theire saving grace and it sort of died on the vine. Nothing form those guys.
    Mineseeker is a way to get Deans mug shoot on a web site. He gave money and I see nothing happening with that. Dean is a Patron and nothing more.
    This is a hard LT play. If it does turn all good you can get shares below .05 with ease. There will be many stepping off as it runs on great news. Dean has worn down the investor pool and this last round of no news missed prs and dilution has added a few more nails.
    JMHO....750K shares being held free and very weak. I want to see this hit .25, but damn!
  17. Nan

    Nan Member

    what impressed me about tufan's post was the part near the end where he interviewed someone - it could have been created, indeed. that did not occur to me. thank you for giving your view which makes some sense to me though i did buy more today, of QASP, instead of GHDI, with a good enough price that some sheckels sp? are left over. a lot of fancy footwork (for me) getting that decided.
  18. Rat Fink

    Rat Fink Active Member


    Well, it ain't going sideways today.
    One thouight you must take note of. Its revenue report time on the big boards and alot, and I mean one hell of alot of volume in the way of day traders are out of these pinks and pennies and playing the Apple , GE the Goldman Sacs, which I love after Obama wants to shut them down. They will get a great revenue report and a great play.
    Volume looks to have dwindled in QASP today and I moved my buy limit to .0075 and .005
    Doubling my shares down here against my own advise. I need therapy! Even if this is one big scam, I have to feel, Dean has more tricks and smoke to get this back to .0140 for a dump. 100+% would be sweet up in here.

    Just a hard play this week.
  19. BlueSteak

    BlueSteak Member won penny contest 5x

    A good swing up for QASP today, MM manipulation is rampant on this stock. I sure hope lots of buy back occured when it was at a penny...thats why I figured they brought it down so low, and kept it there. Then again that point is moot anyway. Dean is buying back the float, not retiring any shares. He can do whatever he wants, as long as he can cover his ass on paper saying that in total he owned 20% of the float.

    If the next few days are green like today I'll be in the same position I always get in with this stock. Which is a good run with news right around the corner, but unsure if Dean will come through. It has happened time and time again.

    Some people might say that this time it's for real. But it has been 'for real' before with only a real drop in stock price..blahh, we'll see.
  20. Rat Fink

    Rat Fink Active Member

    My take, This run has no support. All the remaining gungho longs bought in today, shot the wad trying to catch this bottom or slapping the ask hoping for the run to continue.
    I dumnped 100% now @ .0124 close to the HOD. I'm out nadda QASP for me.
    But I took all the cash and will buy back on the next dip down.
    I think it has too come back into sub penny terretory.
    If we had news or something concrete then yes I see a few more green days, but We all know Dean has missed the "buyback in earnmest" as he stated and did the opposit, diluted due to not having the funds.
    When Dean disapears and pops up in CHI, then that is the sign the final signitures are needed.
    I'm betting we have more time and all the free shares I dumped can be increased by 60% or more; or this ship has sailed without me.
    I just didn't see a steady blocks of shares being bought.

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