Peter Leeds penny stock service any good?

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  1. suketu9

    suketu9 New Member

    Has anyone use his service Peter leeds. If you go to his site he has interview videos with cnbc, nbc. Please let me know what you guys think of him.

  2. suketu9

    suketu9 New Member

    So noone is subscribing to by peter leeds.
  3. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    There is another Peter Leeds thread here you can look for.

    If the Home Page doesn't scare you away, I don't know what will8O
  4. MaryKay1965

    MaryKay1965 Member

    Good luck with your quest requesting advice for a "good penny stock picking site." Buckle up tight, cause you are about to get it. You have done the unthinkable. In your first post, you asked for advice on penny stocks. You don't stand a snowball's chance in h*ll on this forum.
  5. aiki14

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    You've certainly made a wise choice in getting your money back from clickbank. Here's your second chance to make a wise decision, don't buy into any penny stock picking service. They are in fact all scams.
    Good luck and welcome to the forum.
  6. netwrangler

    netwrangler Well-Known Member

    I'm sure that someone is going to challenge your statement that "they are, in fact, all scams," so let me be the first.

    It is possible that somewhere, hidden in the internet, there is a stock-picking service that is legit.
    Maybe it's a newsletter writer who just doesn't want to bother with the 'why's' of the newsletter picks.
    Maybe it's a High School age AI programmer who is on to something.

    That said, I would like to take on the well promoted stock-pickers one by one for a lunch at the Four Seasons.

    You may recall that my criterion for judging the scam/no-scam question is a full audit of the stock picking company.
    That sets a pretty high threshold. I mean, what scammer is going to submit themselves to an audit?

    If they would submit, however, I think I would enjoy some very nice lunches.
    For the very few who proved to be legit, I would cheerfully pick up the check.
  7. aiki14

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    I think Bassman, your palette will go unsullied by four seasons foie gras. Finding a legitimate stock tout sheet will be like proving the existence of black holes, it takes a smart person just to know what one is, and it seems like they should exist, but actually running into one requires a million years of looking.
    I do have a theory, the one guy who actually is a legitimate stock newsletter seller, is one of the following:
    A) A guy with a collection of Ivory Billed Woodpeckers
    B) Bigfoot
    C) DB Cooper
    D) Gzapper

    If anyone can prove me wrong it's you. Also, in the event you do find one, tell no one, then please contact me directly. We can let everyone here know from the country we'll be able to buy. 8)
  8. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    Now that is funny!!!!!!!!!!!

    Net, I'm gonna have to go with Aiki on this one :dito: (which I believe is spelled with two "t"s)
  9. aiki14

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    I can't believe it, not 2 hours after I made the statement, I have found PROOF that there is a legitimate Penny stock picker. Thanks to MaryKay and my crack research team, I was motivated to do an extensive search of all my Stock related material. Literally hundreds of books, papers, websites, a virtual archive of material was nearby as I found this.
    weeklyworldnews-1 copy.jpg
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  10. netwrangler

    netwrangler Well-Known Member

    And to think this proof was staring us in the face all this time.

    But wait, are they agreeing to an audit?
  11. sharky55

    sharky55 New Member

    Hey, i've used peter leeds for years and made good money. B4 you judge all the penny stock guys with one brush, look for service that gives free trials (there aren't many i know). don't know how long leeds' free trial offer will last, but you can read for yourself (link removed by admin)

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  12. Thierry Martin

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    Are you telling us that Peter Leeds is an ok service? Your forum registration email is from the peter leeds domain, so it seems that you are posing as an objective user, yet you are actually working for peter leeds, or perhaps you are peter leeds himself. It doesn't say much for the service if the only positive testimonials come from fake posts.
  13. aiki14

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    Nice Catch T. I would comment on how embarrassing that was for Pete, but guys like that don't get embarrassed, because they have no shame.
  14. pennystocks

    pennystocks New Member

    I have gone through Peter leeds website and it is helpful. I am sure it will help those who are planning to invest into penny stocks
  15. stacie qi

    stacie qi New Member

    Peter Leeds penny stock service membership for sale


    I registered for a free trail of Peter Leeds Penny stocks services and the system automatically subscribed me for a one-year membership at the cost of $195. I contact the customer service, but they are inpatient and would not cancel it for me any ways. I cannot afford this stupid mistake so I would like to sell my account for using all the services and information for one year for $160. I pay $35 for the lesson. If you are considering to invest in penny stocks, this is the NO.1 guidance resource you can find online. Please help me out. :mad:Thanks.
  16. freshmeat

    freshmeat Member

    Re: Peter Leeds penny stock service membership for sale

    Assuming you paid with a credit card, Call Your CC Comp. and see if they can help you out. Peter Leeds wont want to go up against Capital One, BAC, etc.
  17. Peter Leeds

    Peter Leeds New Member

    Certainly some interesting comments posted here (with a few directed at me and the Peter Leeds team, I think!)

    Most penny stocks are poorly run companies, and risky as investments. However, if you get involved with high quality penny stocks, you'll find them to be very lucrative.

    When I say "high quality," I am referring to those low-priced investments that are gaining market share, have rock solid financials, a proven management team, and patented technologies. If they are in an industry with high barriers to entry, that's even better.

    Penny stocks are not for everyone, but if you're interested, keep the three key points in mind:

    - don't trade penny stocks from the Pink Sheet markets

    - don't trade free penny stock picks

    - don't trust sites without a free trial

    I hope this helps, and feel free to contact me or the members of the Peter Leeds team if you want to learn more.


    Peter Leeds
    The Penny Stock Professional

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