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    Xero is aimed at providing beautiful cloud accounting software to small and medium-sized businesses. Founded by Rod Drury in 2006, Xero (based in New Zealand) now boasts 135,000 customers world wide with offices in New Zealand, Australia, UK and Silicon Valley. With investors like MYOB's Craig Winkler and billionaire investor Peter Thiel, Trade Me Founder (New Zealand's version of eBay) Sam Morgan and with various Venture Capital firm it's safe to say it's a safe bet.

    Xero has a $1.2B market cap and has become a major threat to such companies such as Intuit, MYOB, Netsuite, Fresh books and so forth with their faster service, strong server infrastructure and their average 202% annual growth (with revenues almost doubling every year since 2007). Their big data move where they will mine relevant business data from 135k customers has caught the eye of IBM and Oracle who are willing to pay top dollar for big data for their enterprise clients and have known to pay $4B for acquisitions of these companies alone, not including how much they pay for information to develop and upgrade their current software -they will be able to sell their data mid year.

    In the last month alone their has been a major $3 jump in the stock price (from $8NZD to $11NZD) as the Xero team finally made a break into the American market after their partnership with small CRM company "Batch book". Now this didn't have anything to do with the leap in the price, but Batch book is a partner of "Hootsuite" -Anyone who is anyone in the tech industry knows that Hootsuite is the kingpin of social media management and internet advertisement next to Google, they also manage half the Fortune 500 clientele's online presence. With Xero being indirectly connected with Fortune 500 companies, with $150B worth of transactions of customer data to mine (yes, the customers are happy about their data being sold too!), the most competitive cloud accounting software on the market with various new features being introduced and perfected annually and if that didn't top it off a break into the American market -which they literally (with the connections of these Fortune 500 companies, as they know Xero is a reputable company with offices in Silicon Valley) will be able to profit in by 2014 makes Xero the hottest accounting software companies in the world -and at a price you can afford.

    The stock market closed in New Zealand around three hours ago or so with "NZE:XRO" closing at $11.25 -by 2019 it is predicted that they will have 14.2 Million customers, $1.2B in annual revenues, dividends of $0.21 cents and with a stock price sitting around the $55 and a majority position in the cloud accounting software space -Xero is already proving to be a game changer and major disruption in accounting with new innovations out-doing established names and giants.

    But don't take my word for it, this information is not only public -but it's also free!

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    Review ROI (2013 - 2021)

    An $11,250 investment would be worth $148,000 today (based on the purchase of 1,000 shares.)

    2013: $11.25
    2021: $148.00

    Xero was originally dual listed on both the NZX and ASX. It consolidated its listing on the ASX,
    and now trades as ASX:XRO.

    You're welcome.

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