New to the market, looking for some exprienced help please :D

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  1. Well this was initially a PM i sent to Redstripe, until i began to read about people's view about him, "Wow, this is a shock to me, i thought i would never get an answer back! Well as you know, i am new to all of this, essentially i am a "baby" being born. This is my first real effort to look into the stock market. I know it's something that not one can just jump right into and win a million dollars, but its about reaching small set goals, and to be able to cope with the loss of a profit. I would just really LOVE to learn the terminology, techniques, strategies, and mostly (i know this may be unrealistic) to learn everything there is about being a good, safe, investor. Also i am a senior in High School trying to pick a career path, i am stuck between engineering at A&M or some business school, maybe UT. And you have a MBA in, what financing? Maybe you could share some insight into the business aspect of being a stock trader and adviser is really about.
    Thanks, Neil"
    Thanks for fraud :p
    But anyways, looking past this, maybe someone could help me out with these questions, and help me to look into the realm of the Stock Market.
    Thanks, Neil
    (P.S. i would welcome any advice/help)
  2. pburggra

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    first book i read was "neatest little guide to stock market investing" needless to say it was theee bomb. :welcome:)
  3. hahha, well i guess i can go stop bye the store and pick it up, you never know it may be the best investment in my lifetime ;)
  4. aiki14

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    Hard to understand what you're trying to say in the above, but I'll try to answer a couple of things.
    Being a financial adviser is being a salesman. An MBA is a Master's Degree in Business Administration so an "MBA in what" is a question that doesn't make sense.
    Read anything by Toni Turner if you want to go with books, and read here on the forum and google any terms you don't fully understand. Don't believe anything anybody says until you can verify it with a few unrelated sources.

    Redstripe is a mental case and if you PM'd him for info, you need to be a lot more critical in evaluating who you seek advice from. If you didn't see he was a knucklehead very quickly the real market is going to present challenges you aren't ready to face.
  5. Thanks for the reply! I didn't PM him, he PM'd me hah. Well anyways, I will be looking out for him, i have had multiple people tell me that he is crazy!! But as for the questions, thanks for the suggestion of the book, if I can, I will go pick it up at Barnes & Noble. I just need a basic understanding of the economy, and how the stock market works, and the terms. Would you be able to suggest any forum posts that might be useful to me(like how to research, how I can gather information from this website, etc.) I am trying to get ahold of this forum, but the only thing that I have seen so far is Buy A and B, but sell C.
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    This is/was my first book as well. Helped with the simple foundation for me, up to some more in depth information.
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    The economy and the stock market are cousins, not the same thing, and an understanding of the economy does not make you a trader, in fact it can make it all the more frustrating as one ignores the other just when you least expect it.
    The best way to learn is to read as much as you possibly can. I would start with a glossary of terms, I am sure you can find one at but if you search here you can find many threads on what folks have found useful. All the books I read as a beginner are pretty dated but there are folks here who have more recent experience in that area.
    I would read some of the discussions about stock picks but disregard the pick itself and look at the methodology the person uses to make the case for his pick, then go to the reference sites like investopedia and research those methods.
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    Aiki is the one you need to watch out for because he is childish enough to insult someone on a computer whom he has never met, and i have yet to see him post a stock pick :)
  9. tlsurfsupper

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    Ummm, you may want to look at Jim's track record on the weekly and monthly contests.

    And you are pm'ing newbs? Whooda thunkit fukstickle? I smelled your shat on post one.


    5 Aug brown stripe recommends BAC as strong buy. This is his 2nd post since joining. He goes on further to say his "firm" recommends it. Time of post is 5 pm eastern. market is closed.

    BAC closes 5 Aug at $16.66. Continues to pump stock through multiple posts and threads throughout the evening of 5 Aug. Called out as a sham and pumper by many senior posters.

    Overnight futures are showing lower open. Brown stripe posts "I think we will take half off the table when we hit resistance around 21..but we still have a long way to go hence the Buy reccomendation.

    Brown stripe posts the following prior to open on 6 Aug: Gable,

    BAC isn't going to pull back its breaking out right now. Pick up those hundred shares before its too late.

    Red Stripe Investments is a small firm with a staff of RIA's, we are a smaller...

    BAC opens 6 Aug at $17.24, closes at $16.70. High of day was $17.35. Absolutely NO WAY someone bought the low and sold the high.

    7 Aug. Range is $16.26 to $17.14. Alosing trade to anyone buying the open after his pump. I think it is safe to say who sold you those shares, ;)

    10 Aug brown stripe posts the following and quickly loses the bet with Albert. Albert will NEVER see the shares. Brown stripe has excuses. how bout this i'll bet you 100 shares of BAC that it goes to 17 before 16? I'll even write a covered call for it. I didn't need to consult a crystal ball all i needed to do was analyze the stock and...

    11 Aug brown stripe posts this little beauty. Where do you guys see BAC going this week..?

    12 Aug brown stripe posts this to those who he amphatically "pumped" the stock to. why do you guys think BAC hasn't particicipated in today's rally even though we saw almost a 5% decrease yesterday?

    12 Aug BAC hits swing low of $15.40. Shakeout (likely) of any entering on his pump. Continues to lose bet with Albert.

    13 Aug brown stripe posts this...note that he NEVER recommended the stock in the range he states. He recommended after the close of $16.55 on 5 Aug. haahaahha...i know i might get some criticism for this being the guy who was recommending BAC hardcore from 12-16. But i have cut my position in half today sold at 17.00. 1,000 shares sold.

    14 Aug brown stripe posts this..amusing: Does anyone have a good chart with the resistance levels on BAC...?

    You my friend are a fraud. I am sure you will wiggle and squirm, but you remain a fraud.

    Although very busy with multiple projects, I do enjoy the challenge (allthough small) of calling out roaches into the light.

    I think I will stop by often enough to shoot any post of yours that is BS or fraudulent. It will be my little project.

    Those considering getting in touch with this fraud need to read the thread on KTHOM/Wallstreetsedge.

    This guy is a fraud.
  10. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! :D I am still lost in this new world lol. I am trying to find "good beginner" reads, but I still am lost with how somebody picks a stock over another, I will head on down to Barnes and Noble and go to the business section, and try to find a good book to pick up. I will get back to you with what book I end up picking up, hopefully its one that you have heard of haha
  11. RedStripe

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    Anything by Jim Cramer will serve you well great beginner material..:eek::biggrin:
  12. jlcnuke

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    What to read largely depends on what type of trader you are planning to be. Most people on here are "traders" while a few (like myself for 80% of my portfolio) are investors. There is a huge difference between "trading" and "investing" and the two systems are fairly easy to confuse.

    For instance, I trade FAS and SRS, but I invest in GE and C.

    The obvious difference between the two styles is time frame and indicators. Investing largely depends on analysis of fundamentals while trading is largely dependent on indicators (whether trendlines, market activity, RSI etc).

    Trading is generally broke into day or swing trades. Generally day trades last minutes to *maybe an hour while swing trades are generally 1-2 days.

    Which style of trading are you more interested in?

    as for Cramer... read for a historical analysis of his "picks"
  13. RedStripe

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    Horrible study...

    and Jim's response to it..

    Mr. Cramer writes:
    Subject: You have got to be kidding me
    There have been so many numerous audits of me and I also have an extended audited track record that shows you could not be more wrong. But you know what? Let the market decide. Do you think if I were as bad as your records show, I would ever have been able to
    a. make $100 million in the market investing for myself,
    b.have a show that has gained in audience at the time when you say I have done poorly, and
    c. started one of the few FINANCIALLY successful websites out there in part because of subscribers to my newsletter and columns?
    Here’s where I think your methodology goes wrong. I repeatedly recommend the same stocks from my own recommended list: NYX, SHLD, GOOG, MA, TM, CSCO, AAPL, GS, BA, JNJ, MO. I do it every week. I am sure you give me credit only once for those.
    I have bothered to take the time out to write you this because you worked with a man of honor, Admiral Rickover.
    I know you won’t correct anything—that’s not what people do in our business—but I still feel the need to explain to you why a sucker is NOT born every minute and my popularity rides not on showmanship but on rigor on my part and success on the part of the viewers and readers who use my work.
    No need to respond.

    Don't listen to the pundits watch Cramer for yourself. He nailed the BAC, C, WYNN, LINE and other trades recently and will continue to be sucessful.

  14. Well I like the lines of a "Swing trader" I am typically unavailable to do traded during school, since lack of a way to trade, but I was thinking along the lines of buying and holding for a while, and wait for the stock to gradually rise. I know that is kinda weak since I can't trade during school, so I am going to have to rely upon holding till a market peak. Is this idea stupid?
  15. matt511

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    Hey man I'm in the same boat as you. I'm still in school, but made some money this summer over the month and half that I was actually able to work. I figured I could take it and pay off a small portion of a line of credit, but if I did that I figured I would just re-spend over the next few months what I just paid off.

    I like that term "swing trader". I can't sit in front of the PC all day watching stocks, but I can watch it everyday before or after class.

    What stocks are you looking at right now? How much money do you have to play with? You can PM me those details if you don't want to post it publicly. It'd be the blind leading the blind but it might be fun to bounce ideas :fisheye:
  16. Thanks for all the advice! I love hearing from all of you! I am on my way to the store right now to look at and buy a book on the stock market/investing. Keep the information coming! I <3 it! hahah :p
  17. Uncle Buck

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    I'm like you a newbee but further in my investment knowledge as of right now. I've made a few great investments to date. A few books to recommend is the same as alot of the people that post.

    "Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing" by Jason Kelly, it has alot of great information and fundamentals on how the market works, how the pros do it as well as getting to knows stock terms and making and monitoring a portfolio.

    On top of this guide I would recommend getting a Standards and Poor's Book, 2010 book will be out soon. Its a good way to get to know your stocks and trends

    Pick around 20 stocks to monitor, I would start now while your educating yourself with the stock market. There are two types of investors, Value and Growth, I try and blend my investments. In the books that we have talked about you'll find out about all the stock lingo. To be honest with you, DON'T take advice from the fourm without checking it out for yourself. Its a good way of finding out what is hot and not. I try and provide feedback to different posts. Sharing great stocks are cool too, when you share your investment stragies with others you will usually get information back. Besides good stocks that trend upward will usually benefit from others buying into the stock.

    If your starting out you will need to choose a investment brokerage firm. I use TD Ameritrade. Its a bit more expensive at 9.99 a trade but its has alot of benies with its higher trade price. But lets face the facts if you make good choices whats 10.00 dollars. TD Ameritrade is a deep discounter. What this means to you is that they don't provide investment direction. If your not looking to do online trading and research on your own then go with a Full Service Brokerage Firm, it cost more and you'll probably loose you shirt like I did until I wised up and do it on my own.

    To be honest with you there are alot of exchanges that you can trade on. For a beginner I would stick with NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, later if you get more confident get deeper. You will need to sign an agreement with each market.

    The best thing that I can suggest is to read, start saving the sunday papers with the stock listings. When buying and selling make sure to have your reasons. Many people buy into different trading tools and charts. On TD you can get alot of trading tools, some at a cost, I would not buy into it, you can get the same information and charts from TD, Google, Yahoo and others. Stick with your brokerage for all the finer details.

    I can't say enough good things about the fourms and the people on it, they can be a great help and give good direction, just beware when using the information during making investments, as long as you do your own research you have no one to be pissed off at except for yourself when you loose all your money. I'm assuming thats why you see all of these people on here pissed at each other because at one point one probably took advice from the other and lost everything.

    If you need more help email me. I'm always willing to help out. I just an honest joe trying to make a living and get some extra cash in the Bank while doing it. I'm not here to bad mouth or lead others in the wrong direction, or argue.

  18. Uncle Buck

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    I would not hold on stocks too long with out monitoring them heavily, holding is fine and dandy, but thats also a good way to loose alot of money. I use to have that attitude with stock trading, that it would go up to couple hundred and then we shall sell right. Unfortunately thats not how it works, Mutual funds might be you plan if thats what your thinking as far as longterm.

    Stocks can be good, great and you think that you have it made. All of a sudden it takes a dip and it sits at that price way below what you bought it for.

    Bear Market and Bull Market is a good term for you to get to know. Its used alot. Stocks are an investment that you need to look at daily and watch and read all the latest and greatest news.

    If your thinking longterm then I suggest Mutual Funds. If your thinking stocks then you will need to dedicate yourself to monitoring and researching them during your off time each day. Trust me it can be done going to school and holding down a full time job. When you have access to a computer use it.

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