new stock investor whats best online stock trading brokerage to go with?

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    I am new to this so I really don't have an idea of what brokerage I can go with. They all sound pretty good. It is hard to choose. I am only going to buy a few stocks and will let it sit for years. I am a long term investor. i don't want to get penalized for not having activity in my stock portfolio. So which company would suit best for me? I already had problems with scott trade as there customer service was not very helpful. I just want decent customer service and a company that won't penalize me for inactivity. I am not sure what kind of fees they charge when you do decide to cash out on a stock. But I am just looking for a site that will be fair about it and there is no problems with the company. Thanks for all the help.
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    I have the same question. It appears that the two best advertised are TD Ameritrade and ETrade. Which one gives the most in insentives to signup? And who has the best ongoing free support? I want to program some trading stretegies into their software to get the kind of pics I am looking for but I don't know how to do it yet.
  3. Hi Sloane,

    Out of the two mentioned:

    E*Trade Promotions

    TD Ameritrade Promotions

    TD Ameritrade has the slightly better deal: Get up to $1,000, and trade free up to 90 days. Though this requires $250k to transfer.

    Though currently the best broker with a small deposit is OptionsXpress:

    OptionsXpress Promo Code

    All that is required is a deposit or transfer $500 and you'll get $100.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. I've liked TradeKing and Fidelity for customer service. I am currently a customer of both and review both on my site.

    I have most of my assets with Fidelity.
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  6. LUP

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    I like ameritrade. Been using it for a couple months no problem
  7. Anthony Dadlani

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    TD Ameritrade hands down. Can trade FX, Futures, Options and more.....


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