Monthly Stock Pickers Challenge - January 2006

Discussion in 'Weekly stock picking challenge' started by ChronicDDL, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. TripleBuy

    TripleBuy Member won jan/06 simulator

    Chronic- Boo should actually be down quite a bit, remember that he shorted all his picks :lol:
  2. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    Oh I thought something had dropped for him! I see now. Boo came last by a long way. Hmm. Oh well Boo - can't be right everytime eh. Or ever, in fact!

    Congrats Triplebuy! We should have a prize!
  3. TripleBuy

    TripleBuy Member won jan/06 simulator

    Thanks englishman, I'm pretty excited considering that the majority of players posted significant gains for the month.

    Thierry, do I get a special title for being this month's winner?
  4. Luc1Grunt

    Luc1Grunt forum leader

    Yeah, I think you should be called the "Anti-BoooYaaaHoooo, I made money guy despite being beaten to death by negative rants and impending doom"!!!!!!!!!!! Just my opinion of course :lol:

    BOOOYAHOOO! banned

    Oh well, win some, lose most! :D Luckily I have my calls on GLW, GTE, IMMU, GOOG, IMNR, DWOG, the precious metal stocks, me top tawget in BOOM (38-39, sweet redemption), and me call on da mawkets in general to back me up! 8) Besides, tamarrow, tamarrow, ders always tamarrow, it's only a day, AAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. :lol:

    BOOOYAHOOO! banned

    Well if it wasn't for me, who would all of you clueless permabulls have to argue with? :D
  7. lilmikeybear32

    lilmikeybear32 New Member

    If we are going off Jan 31 last saale end of day my results are off based on the beging prices that were stated.

    I kept a track record in excell
    Stock In Price End Difference % Diff
    SLE $19.64 $18.28 $1.36 -6.92%
    UPL $56.75 $68.79 $12.04 +21.22%
    ISRG $118.72 $137.27 $18.55 +15.62%
    Totals $195.11 $224.34 $29.23 +14.98%

    Still dosent make me the winner but I did better then what was posted
  8. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    Boo - you already lost the bet on GLW. You said it wouldn't get to 23. It's at 25! Are you blind or just very forgetful??
  9. Luc1Grunt

    Luc1Grunt forum leader

    Nice job Triple Buy! :p

    BOOOYAHOOO! banned

    When it was at 24.88 I said it would close below 20.00 before it closed above 25.00. Now since I doan get anything right, why doan you step up and take me up on IMMU since you are so confident that I am always wrong? Doan worry, if you bet $50 I'll let you pay me off in increments of $10/mo. I saw the crap you be toutin at da price you be toutin it for a few months now and I realize you are probably strapped fo cashola! :lol:
  11. TripleBuy

    TripleBuy Member won jan/06 simulator

    Thanks for the Label Thierry, I really think it adds some gravitas :wink:
  12. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    How'd you figure that? I'm up ~11% for the month of january. Could have been a lot more but I tend to spread risk around a lot of stocks.

    GLG +40%. Hmm. What did you say about that one? (I actually sold at the high yesterday. I think it has another 10% in it but it'll be slower from here.)

    SU, XSNX, CWPC and other have all done well.

    We'll see what happens with EXAS. I got a bit late on the game there and so I'm having to be rather patient.

    IMMU. I can't be bothered to bet you money! But I think it heads up to 3.50 before it goes much below 3. You've got to set a target though.

    BOOOYAHOOO! banned

    Well if you be up 11% I guess it's because you avoid stocks you be toutin ala GTE when it was in da mid 3.00's and I said it was gittin ready ta cliff dive! :lol: Or do you just count yer winners and just foget about yer big losers? 8O GLG huh? Ya shoulda went with one of my gold plays, you would have been up 100%+ :wink: I'm glad you paid attention when I was toutin da goldies though. I hope you be payin attention and get out after the next run in da HUI!!! Me gots some super duper industrial strength goldbug spray that be gonna make em scatter, and splatter! :wink:
  14. 2 Worldz

    2 Worldz Member

    blah blah blah. You guys are both awsome! Thanks for all the great picks!
  15. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    lol! 2worldz you're in too much of a good mood! Go spend your ONSC money!

    Boo - you never touted the gold stocks. I think you were saying much they would drop about 2 months ago when gold was at 470. AAUK and BGO the next movers in gold, I think.

    Anyway - quit! It's all good! I've said before that I like your bearish nature - I use it to temper my sometimes overly bullish nature. i just don't like the pleasure you take in selling yourself and laughing at others when they get stuff wrong. That's why you have a sense that people attack you - they're giving it back when they see you get things wong.

    I haven't traded GTE for ages! I've had it on my watch list and i might have bought yesterday when it dropped to 2.50 but I didn't know why it dropped so much so was a little scared off. It could be good down here in the 2.70's again though as it'll return to 3.20-ish in a month.

    BOOOYAHOOO! banned

    Oh really? I recommended all of these when the HUI was below 220 and getting ready for this run: NXG, GBN, KRY, CDE, MNG, I'm sure there are more. I actually tried to buy KRY because it was the only one that came close to me tawget. I had an open limit at .99, it gapped down to 1.01, ran to 2.70, came back down at which time I lowered me entry tawget into da .80's. No biggie though, they's all comin back. :wink: My suggestion is to read every single one o me posts and you will see my call well before any of yuns guys started buyin. I would have sold to you guys with a 50%+ profit and then waited to chort! Now I say chort and you guys are gettin all giddy! How can I go wrong?!! :lol: :lol: Oh yeah, GTE is on its way to sub 1.00. :wink:
  17. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    GTE will see 3.20 again before it sees 1.00 - if it ever sees $1!

    BOOOYAHOOO! banned

    8O $$$ :p

    BOOOYAHOOO! banned

    Looks like the move in after hours on ISRG would have put me in da black on dat pig if there were 3 more days in Jan. :D Feb steals 3 days from Jan so I'll have to try an "get er done" in a more timely fashion witme me new trio of overpriced pigs. :D
  20. ChronicDDL

    ChronicDDL valued contributor won weekly contest 4x


    How I came up with 9.97% for your gains.

    I took your 3 percentage gains/losses and added them together, then I divided that number by 3 to find the % average.

    -6.92 + 21.22 + 15.62 = 29.92

    29.92 / 3 = 9.97%

    Sorry for taking so long to answer your question.

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