Monthly Stock Pickers Challenge - January 2006

Discussion in 'Weekly stock picking challenge' started by ChronicDDL, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    Well what if I did own BOOM in real $? I would have made lots of money and I can sell it before it goes down.
  2. lilmikeybear32

    lilmikeybear32 New Member

    I have ISRG long not short like boooyahoo does so i am up that percentage and you need to reconfig me only being up 4% total

    BOOOYAHOOO! banned

    I doubt you would have picked it as one of your plays for this month if that was the case :D unless of course you are a practicin to be one a dem pump n dumpers! :evil:

    BOOOYAHOOO! banned

    Looking at the last major trend low at 29.30ish, and da fack that BOOM may just rally off da buy signal from Fri (and the relatively low OBV of +500 which means there is more "idiot" room on da bus) I will even tell ya where to sell, just to show ya where me heart be at. :D The maxi BOOM should hit would be 38.00 and if it does get that high i sho hope it gets there in da form of a blowoff top. The 29.30ish trend low is a nonconfirmed low however. That means that low will be taken out at sometime in da future, probably before the month of Jan is out based on da fack that BOOM has a history of getting dumped in a hurry when everybody wants out. Once 29.30 goes there will be no stoppin er until 21.00, minimum! :wink:
  5. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    Well if it takes about 2 weeks to get to 38.00 then you will retain last place in this competition. Congrats!

    BOOOYAHOOO! banned

    Well BOOM doesn't actually have to trade through 38.00, I just said that the 38-39 area would be about da maxi I would expect it to go based on the numba fo da trend low I gave ya. I hope da longs will remember that numba. If it takes 2 weeks I would look elsewhere fo a good chort. And it wouldn't mean that BOOM wasn't a good short anyway. :D I was just givin all da lowdown on da pig dat is BOOM. At $34 and change it is close enoguh to get to $38+ in a day if Cramer would just give it de ole pumparolla! You'd have to start gettin noivous if you was long BOOM and Cramer gave it da nod I'm wreckin. I sho wudd if I was long! :D
  7. TripleBuy

    TripleBuy Member won jan/06 simulator


    My fault on the ISRG. As of Friday, you are up 4.9% on your picks. In addition, you have the 2nd best pick of the 100 and up group with ISRG.
  8. xboilermaker

    xboilermaker Member won weekly contest 2x

    Heaven forbid, if BOOOYAHOOO wins this inaugural monthly challenge, we'll never be able to live it down, LOL. Good luck BOO. Just kidding.
  9. TripleBuy

    TripleBuy Member won jan/06 simulator

    Weekly Standings - through 1/20

    Top Players Overall

    1. Showmethemoney

    2. ChronicDDL

    3. Lilmikeybear32

    4. Xboilermaker

    5. TripleBuy

    6. Luc1Grunt

    7. englishman26

    8. the_menace

    9. kevin12


    11. chinaman711

    Top stocks overall

    1. NGS 31.0%!!!!
    2. UPL 19.9%
    3. BBC 16.2%

    Top <50 stocks

    1. NGS 31.0%
    2. BBC 16.2%
    3. BFT 12.5%

    Top 50-100 stocks

    1. UPL 19.9%
    2. TIE 8.5%
    3. XOM 7.3%

    Top >100 stocks

    1. ISRG 7.9%
    2. SHLD 4.3%
    3. GS 3.7%

    Worst stocks overall

    1. ISRG* -11.0%
    2. XING -10.8%
    3. BOOM* -7.9%

    Worst <50 stocks

    1. XING -10.8%
    2. BOOM* -7.9%
    3. SLE -5.7%

    Worst 50-100 stocks

    1. BA -5.5%
    2. UNH -5.0%
    3. BIDU -4.8%

    Worst >100 stocks

    1. ISRG* -11.0%
    2. GOOG -5.5%
    3. EXP -4.5%

    * denotes player shorted the stock. :roll:

    BOOOYAHOOO! banned

    :lol: Thanks! Actually, now it appears that ISRG is of more concern than WFMI, and WFMI is of concern only because the split screwed up da chawts, and ya really doan know whassa gonna happen if ya can't read da chawts. :wink: I thunk ISRG wassa gonna jist tumble. But the selling today actually put in a higher trend low than the trend low from da selling earlier in da week. And that trend low from earlier in da week wassa higher than the one from last week 8O That's usually a good sign. BUT! Today's trend low was being put in going into da close. If ISRG can do the ole extendo down in selling on Mon to below 126.75ish on de open methinks I'll have da pig trapped! Dat be da plan anyhoo. Eventually I'm gonna getter dunn wit ISRG though. :roll:
  11. gunther92

    gunther92 New Member

    GM AT 20.05

    XELPRD AT 84.25

    GOOG AT 399.46
  12. xboilermaker

    xboilermaker Member won weekly contest 2x

    Gunther, you don't have to pick an entry price because the price is determined on the first opening day in Feburary, so you still have a week left. Rules are on page one.
  13. gunther92

    gunther92 New Member

  14. TripleBuy

    TripleBuy Member won jan/06 simulator

    So I finally wised-up and put the picks into an excel file. Now I can do the tally in about 1/4 of the time. Anyway, We only have 2 days to go before the first Monthly challenge ends. Best of luck to everyone! :D

    Results as of 1/27 :

    englishman26 (long BOOM,JNJ,EXP)

    TripleBuy (long BBC,BF,GS)

    Xboilermaker (long CBI,TIE,WLS)

    ChronicDDL (long BFT,XOM,SHLD)

    Showmethemoney (long NGS,UNH,ITT)

    lilmikeybear32 (long SLE,UPL,ISRG)

    Luc1grunt (long NFI,MO,GD)

    the_menace (long UARM,LLY,GOOG)

    kevin12 (long SPLS,BA,FDX)

    chinaman711 (long XING,BIDU,GOOG)


    Fun Stats:

    Greatest Gains Overall:

    TripleBuy - BBC +34%
    englishman26 - EXP +33%
    Showmethemoney - NGS +33%

    Greatest Gains (0 - 50)

    TripleBuy - BBC +34%
    Showmethemoney - NGS +33%
    ChronicDDL - BFT +21%
    englishman26 - BOOM +21%

    Greatest Gains (50-100)

    Xboilermaker - TIE +20%
    lilmikeybear - UPL +15%
    ChronicDDL - XOM +9%

    Greatest Gains (100 or more)

    englishman26 - EXP +33%
    lilmikeybear - ISRG +14%
    TripleBuy - GS +10%

    Greatest Losses Overall

    BOOOYAHOOO! - BOOM* -21%
    chinaman711 - BIDU -19%
    BOOOYAHOOO! - ISRG* -14%

    Greatest Losses (0-50)

    BOOOYAHOOO! - BOOM* -21%
    chinaman711 - XING -12%
    lilmikeybear - SLE -5%

    Greatest Losses (50-100)

    chinaman711 - BIDU -19%
    Showmethemoney - UNH -6%
    englishman26 - JNJ -4%

    Greatest Losses (100 or more)

    Showmethemoney - ITT -2%
    kevin12 - FDX -1%

    *denote the player is short the stock
  15. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    If only I hadn't picked the broken stock that is JNJ. I predicted it would be fixed during this month. Clearly it's now more broken than it was before! I sold it in real life today.

    As for EXP being up 33% - that's completely surprised me! I didn't really think of actually buying it for real! Doh!

    BOOM was the only one that did anything like I expected.
  16. TripleBuy

    TripleBuy Member won jan/06 simulator

    We have one day to go. Chronic, are you going to start a new thread for February?
  17. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    And the final results are . . . . . ???
  18. ChronicDDL

    ChronicDDL valued contributor won weekly contest 4x

    I will post the final results soon
  19. ChronicDDL

    ChronicDDL valued contributor won weekly contest 4x

    This month’s winner is TrippleBuy with nice gains of +19.37%

    1. TripleBuy: +19.37%

    2. englishman26: +16.94%

    3. Xboilermaker: +13.40%

    4. ChronicDDL: +13.33%

    5. BOOOYAHOOO!: +11.80%

    6. Showmethemoney: +11%

    7. lilmikeybear32: +9.97%

    9. Luc1Grunt: +3.49%

    10. the_menace: +2.90%

    11. kevin12: -0.27%

    12. chinaman711: -7.67%

    Please double check your gains because I probably made a mistake.
  20. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    Dang it! Overtaken on the last day again!! EXP down 4.4% today!! Oh well! Boo made a nice comeback in the last 2 days.

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