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    Greetings everyone,

    Please allow me a second to introduce myself and ww.monetatrades.com. As I've read through the post on coming here for advertising / information purposes, let me first say thank you for this opportunity.

    My background is mechanical engineering and my partner has his PhD in engineering. While working together we started trading stocks and realized we were fairly bad at it. At work we designed a ton of experiments and decided we'd like to see if we could use our classical training in engineering to develop algorithms to predict stock movement better than we could/can. It took a couple of years of development but we started to do quite well, and as we shared our progress with friends and family they wanted to use our product as well. We're not licensed brokers, so we can not trade for them. So we built a site that they could access and make trades accordingly. We realized we had a product people may be able to use for nice gains. So after a few months of development on our front end and basic functionality we had www.monetatrades.com up, we officially launched to the public on 12/2/2015.

    And now we're looking for customers, and in particular feedback, to make our product as strong as it can be. We've instituted a 10 trading day trial and we've tried to price ourselves quite reasonably. But as we're just starting up our customer development, we're open to pivoting our service, and thus we'd love some feedback.

    We've looked to onlinetradersforum.com as people here are more versed in what would make our product stronger than our family and friends. Please feel free to contact us, give us a try, and we'll be more than happy to participate here as well!

    A little bit about our success. We're able to predict with >86% accuracy stocks that will go up. In general we tried to have them go up within 3 days, and our average APR we've modeled has been 44%. I've been utilizing the program since Oct. 2014 and have seen ~50% real world gains, my partner has done about the same. As family and friends start to join us we'll get more real world data. We've tried to keep our customer groups small so that they are not competing with each other. We've limited our 8 model portfolios to < 30 users for this purpose, as we're afraid large trading could normalize the performance. The 8 portfolios we track are the sp500, fortune 500 companies publicly traded, >10B market cap, >2B market cap, and then 4 portfolios following a randomized 1/4 of the NYSE and Nasdaq...

    Thanks for your time and help!

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