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  1. Karl_Accounting

    Karl_Accounting New Member

    22 year old Swede who moved to the USA 2 years ago for studies in Economics.
    I am majoring in Accounting and the goal is the CPA title and my own firm.

    Have been investing in the Swedish stock market since age 17.

    I am a long time dividends investor but from time to time I like looking into penny stocks to see if they might be a future winner.

    As for now my portfolio consists of 6 Swedish dividends stock and one penny stock.
  2. OffConstantly

    OffConstantly New Member penny contest winner

    I'm 31, FSU grad, business owner.

    My first trade was this summer, going all in with my IRA on Netflix @55 a share. I recently sold, and now I'm looking to make some more aggressive picks.
  3. Dead Presidents

    Dead Presidents New Member

    Hello everyone,

    17 years old, Florida, USA.
    I work as an assistant for a UBS financial adviser (he manages about $340+ million, depending upon the market).

    Ive always loved stocks and the market in general, so i plan on starting my own account. Only about $3k or so to start with, but ill continually add to it.
  4. rahman9951

    rahman9951 New Member

    Hello All:

    I am 30 yo from Aussie, relatively new to the financial market. Joined this forum to build my knowledge and hopefully I will be able to learn a lot from the experienced community members.
  5. kevnl99

    kevnl99 New Member

    I'm 13, Aspiring investor.

    I run a blog that I would love for you guys to see and I am trying to be actively involved with stocks.
  6. deniss200900

    deniss200900 New Member

    Hi, My name is Daniel and i am 20 years old, i study in university, 2nd year in Economy, I am new to trading but i interested on it since 14 years old. Last year i started to trade with binary options, and first i was growing some capital but after 2 month lost it all... so i started to read about stock investing, since it isnt that risky, i am new to this and hoping to pay for my studies.
  7. Markmopar

    Markmopar New Member

    Hello, All. I've been a member for a while but just really getting started. I played a few pennies some years ago and came in on just the wrong side of the famous AppleRush(RSHN) that some folks made a killing on.
  8. charliemckelvey

    charliemckelvey New Member

    Charlie McKelvey, Bethlehem PA

    Good Morning all. I am new to the board and just wanted to introduce myself quickly. My name is Charlie McKelvey and I live in Bethlehem, PA with my wife and four children. I work at Financial Sources, Inc. where we manage approx. 60 million for 300 clients. I have been in the industry for 20 years and I love it! I am looking forward to contributing some of my knowledge to the board and also learning from all of you.

    Best Regards and God Bless,
  9. Franck.Angel

    Franck.Angel New Member

    Greetings from Italy
    I'm an electronic engineer and I work in the development of free trading system for long-term investing.

    In the past I have invested:
    1) in stocks with the aid of the analysis of financial and technical analysis;
    2) in futures and options with an automatic trading system;
    3) in Italian real estate funds through a self-made asset management, sending automated orders.
    Now I am developing an investment strategy on the S&P 500 processing economic indicators.

    I'll be happy to answer those who want to contribute to this new project.

    Kind regards.
  10. TopstepTrader

    TopstepTrader New Member

    My Name is Eddie Horn - 27 years on the trading floor, I have been involved in many aspects of the trading business; working in many different roles for major brokerage houses including First Chicago, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Stotler, and Whitehall.

    The company I work for, TopstepTrader, funds successful traders through a unique evaluation process. In addition to funding traders, we produce a live daily audio broadcast tailored for futures traders. As the voice of TopstepTrader Squawk Radio, I give our subscribers a unique “in-the-trenches” insight to help them navigate each trading day by providing real-time economic data reports, interviews with professional traders, hosting webinars with some of the brightest minds in trading education, interacting with our online community, and reminding traders of important fundamental keys to long-term trading success.

    I have a desk on the CME Trading floor located between the S&P 500 pit and Dow Jones pit - sharing action live here on the trading floor. If you need market play comments just ask.

    Thank you for reading my Introduction - I hope to see you in the Forum. Have a great trading day
  11. TopstepTrader

    TopstepTrader New Member

    Re: Charlie McKelvey, Bethlehem PA

    Nice to meet you - hope we can hook up and talk market chat.
  12. Schneidku40

    Schneidku40 New Member

    Re: Charlie McKelvey, Bethlehem PA

    My name is Nick, I'm 28 and recently married. I graduated college 5 years ago with a degree in geology and have been doing the geologist bit since then but I'm thinking of going back for an MBA or something similar to get into business/finance.

    I couldn't have picked a much better time to start investing, as I did so in January of 2009. I did well for the first 12-18 months (who didn't!), got overconfident, and starting taking more risk. Terrible idea. I lost quite a bit chasing penny stocks and chinese stocks. For the past year I've been recuperating, reading more books and slowing down with a more conservative approach. I started a Roth IRA last year and took some pointers from the Motley Fool book "Million Dollar Portfolio" and invested 1/4 in the S&P500, 1/4 in a real estate ETF, and 1/4 in a foreign markets ETF. The book suggests contributing the other 1/4 to commodities but I haven't done that yet because I believed commodities to be overvalued last year when I started investing the fund. Instead I invested the other 1/4 in CRR, which I recently sold for a tidy profit. However, I think now I am going to be diving into some ETFs with that last 1/4 with short term trades that span a multitude of disciplines, from individual sectors in the US to individual countries to individual commodities, based on overbought/oversold indicators.

    I also have a regular brokerage account which I somewhat more actively trade individual stocks.

    I'm here to learn from and bounce trading ideas off of all of you!
  13. captainp243

    captainp243 New Member

    Re: Charlie McKelvey, Bethlehem PA

    Hello everyone,
    I'm Patrick, I'm new to the forum and relatively new to trading in general. I work in the Gulf of Mexico on offshore oil platforms where it's my job to insure that contracted projects are being done safely and in the interests of the company. I'm 24 years old and I hope to make millions in one way or another... :rolleyes2:
  14. joshmessages

    joshmessages New Member

    Re: Charlie McKelvey, Bethlehem PA

    Hello forum,

    I'm Josh. 20 something from Pittsburgh. Work as a financial advisor and manage some client portfolios, so I guess you can say I'm a money manager to some degree. I have a Series 7, Series 65, Series 63, and life insurance licenses. I got about a decade of trading experience which I've used to develop my own trading models.

    I hope I can add to the forum; however, I can (within reason).
  15. MakinPicks

    MakinPicks New Member


    Just thought I'd make my first post an introduction post... sorry mods, I didn't see an "introduce yourself" thread anywhere.

    Anyways, I go by Makin Picks and I'm primarily a penny stock momentum trader though I'm trying to expand and learn different styles, techniques, and strategies.

    I hope to contribute and learn from these boards!

  16. Otrader

    Otrader New Member

    Re: Hello!

    so as i am new member here i just wanted to stop by here to say hello. im 19 years old and really want to get into stock trading.
  17. The_Factor

    The_Factor New Member

    Re: Hello!

    Hello all. My name is the The_Factor and I am an addict....................

    In all seriousness, I have been in the business for the past 13 Years and I look forward to the intellignet banter and dialogue.
  18. KristoStockHunter

    KristoStockHunter New Member

    Re: Hello!

    Hello Peeps,
    Looking at some trading forums to gather and share information about the stockmarket.
    Been doing it for about 5 years made some mistakes in the beginning.
    But now its almost like my dayjob. And loving it.

  19. PamelaP

    PamelaP New Member

    Hello there! I am Pamela Phillips from Los Angeles, CA. I came here to see your interesting offers with regards to trading. Thanks in advance for whatever you can teach me. ;)
  20. Baf

    Baf Member

    Hello everybody!
    I am Baf, a 24 years old IT student from New Hampshire, originally from Italy. I have been following this forum for some weeks, and now that the school is done, I can focus on another one of my passions which I share with many of you, finance.
    I have been studying finance for some months right now, hoping to gain the knowledge to limit the losses and score some points. I am planning of swing trading with a little amount of money and get some experience, since where I am strong on theoretical knowledge, I lack on experience on the field.
    Good trades to everyone,


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