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Discussion in 'Forum information and help' started by englishman26, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Thierry Martin

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    Re: Young Guy New to Investing (looking into stocks)

    You might be interested in SureTrader - they have a good cheap commisson structure, you can fund with a credit card, short penny stocks, and you can avoid the US daytrading rules (minimum of $25,000 in account and limits on how many trades in a week) because they are in the Bahamas. I recommend them. Check them out here.

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  2. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

  3. materics22

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    New Here!

    Hello Guys! My name is Mat! I hope I could make friends here, I'd love to meet and talk with you! I enjoy many things like playing tennis, going out with my friends, going on nature walks, and shopping. I am thinking of what retirement plan and business to go in. I'm looking forward to learn lots of things here.
  4. immac

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    I want a new boat

    I am retired and living in SW Turkey; I want a new boat next summer; I need a hobby; I have some spare cash; I have traded stocks through brokers for years, but never tried on-line do-it-yourself trading. Put all that together and here I am. I am a British ex-pat looking for a tax free trading base ( looking at Internaxx in Lux. ) and associated advice.

    This forum is already answering some very basic questions as I trawl back through the threads - not put off yet.

  5. LUP

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    Hey all

    Hey all

    Just joined this forum because theres some downtime for the NYSE market since it closed at 1 for the fourth of july so I don't really have much to do right now. I googled this site and registered, but theres a lot of content to go through. Any places I should start? :proud:
  6. Stocky

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    Re: Hey all

    hi all...i am new here.
  7. New Member

    TRIGGER$ - Economic & Technical Analysis

    Hi Everyone!
    I guess I have been involved in the markets a good 25 years now. When I first started out I learned about p/e ratios and all sorts of other fundamentals Stocks were my choice of fodder. I've since "grown", although that may be subject to perspective (ie. my wife's) and use Technical trading techniques more than I ever thought would be possible, with futures and forex mostly. The market as a whole is an education in life - for so many reasons - and I have come to many conclusions that maybe are not so popular? Ie. it's not random folks!
    I have started a online traders publication that is for traders, by traders. Focus is on Technical trading, especially for the shorter term - however it also incorporates Global Macro Economics. While I guess I've turned in to more of a technician, I understand that global events and policies can have a direct impact on the market. They are the DRIVER$. While that may be obvious, not everyone factors it in to their Technical Analysis. Usually you find People are more one than the other - technical or fundamental. Both are incorporated for what we are trying to do at TRIGGER$.
    While I hope this forum can help get some exposure (no one knows TRIGGERS exists - did you?) I plan on using it to offer as much helpful guidance as I can. Its taken me many years of trial and error to come up with successful strategies in the markets. Its not easy! If it was this forum wouldn't exist! Hopefully I can make the journey a little easier for some people while at the same demonstrating what TRIGGER$ has to offer.
    Looking forward to participating in the community here. If anyone ever has any questions wrt the markets or whatever - please feel free to post me a message - here to help! Not that I will always have an answer for everything (lol) but more than willing to share my experience for what its worth.

    Good Trading!
  8. forex1234

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    Hello everyone ! how are you all ?

    Hey everyone , how are you all ? i am new here
  9. The Oracle

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    hi..i am part of a small group of traders that help other traders for free..our approach is not we expect those who wish to learn from us to be able..and think for themselves

    feel free to ask any question u want..but do not be surprised if you have to think hard about the answer

    a new thread will be started shortly to begin discussions

    TO..aka The Oracle
  10. xburbx

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    Re: hi

    Checking in
  11. mekanikal

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    Re: hi

    Just joined this forum.
    Looking forward to your contribution :D :D :D
  12. mekanikal

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    new here

    New member on board. Looking forward to some interesting discussions.
  13. The Oracle

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    Re: new here

    hi ML..nice to see u:biggrin:

  14. The Oracle

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    Re: hi

    hi XX..nice to see u too:biggrin:

  15. xburbx

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    Re: hi

    ha. hi TO. good to see you. bummer about ET but oh well, it's their loss.

  16. Mysteron

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    Re: hi

    May as well tag along :sheep::sheep::sheep:...... baaaa
  17. The Oracle

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    Re: hi

    hi nashir..u are welcome to join our are any other members on this site

  18. The Oracle

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    Re: hi

    like the new avatar MN..looks familiar:top:

  19. Dzaner Dzafik

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    Hello From SFG Trading


    I work with SFG Trading Services in business development. We are a Montreal based prop firm offering capital to traders to trade on the US/Canadian Equities, futures, and forex markets. If anyone would like any further information on us please contact me any time :).


    Dzaner Dzafik
  20. Hoofhearted

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    Good morning!

    Hello, folks. I am new to this forum, but have much experience in other quality forums. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a newb, but I can't seem to get a thread posted. Just wanting to chat about the market and all, but what's a guy gotta do to strike up a conversation on here, or any other forum for that matter? Just sayin


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