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Discussion in 'Forum information and help' started by englishman26, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. SammyA

    SammyA New Member

    Newbie here!

    Hey guys! I am Samantha Anderson who have previously registered at your forum. I am currently taking my vacation here at Boracay Beach. Have you been there? I love this sunny day. Well, I have my free time today to write blogs. If you will ask me, yes, I love writing and it is my way of expressing myself. If you want to know more about me, just give a private message at my wall. Thanks for letting me here! ;)
  2. PopV

    PopV New Member

    Ready or not...

    I am sick of fees sucking up my returns. Ready to go it alone with a discount broker. Wish me luck.
  3. Technical Alchemist

    Technical Alchemist forum leader won penny contest 13x won weekly contest 12x

    Re: Ready or not...

    Which broker did you choose?
  4. PopV

    PopV New Member

    Re: Ready or not...

    Leaning towards Scottrade. Might go to a fee only CFP just to confirm the thought.
  5. treble1055

    treble1055 New Member

    Re: Hi All

    Do you go to Iowa?
  6. LearnBonds

    LearnBonds New Member

    Hi All

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    New to the forum and looking forward to participating. If there is any information I can share about the bond market in particular please ask.

  7. hardcoreCAP

    hardcoreCAP New Member

    Hello all

    26yo paramedic here. figured I'd learn something new, stocks allow me to check in and modify while on shift so i decided to learn the market. so far i've learned that being younger allows me to learn the hard way without destroying my retirement and the system is key to success. right now i'm more of a technical looking at charts and making predictions. on the other end i'm learning the power of fundamental analysis so eventually i see myself as a 50/50 between the two. looking to learn a lot of wisdom from the forums. have a nice monday. :D
  8. donna9

    donna9 New Member


    Hi and Hey! Stumbled onto this forum and glad to see it is active. Other sites are abandoned.
  9. Behaviouralinvestor

    Behaviouralinvestor New Member

    Hello Everyone

    Hi there,

    I'm a long term value investor leveraging on behavioural economics for my strategies. I am also a finance professional and qualified accountant living and working in London. Feel free to ask any questions about behavioural approaches to investing, understanding companies annual reports / financial statements / prospectuses.

    The forum looks interesting, and i've already read some great (and not so great) stuff. Hopefully I will have something of use to add.

    Oh, and check out my blog. It's relatively new but hope to put more stuff up there as and when.
  10. AwesumWill

    AwesumWill New Member


    I am new here.
  11. benney

    benney New Member

    Re: hi

    Hello friends,
    I am new here, I am here to learn about finance and found that it is great source of knowledge. Hope to get more help by you guys.
    I am happy to join here. Have a nice time.
  12. docajay

    docajay New Member

    Hello from BELIZE

    Hey guys
    I just got into day trading and I have been figuring out my way through the maze of "buy/sell/hold/dump/i just lost my rent money" ordeal. I actually joined up as I was hoping I can get help. I recently bought TPX (Tempur-Pedic) and I read the following
    "aid it is actively buying back its own shares, a disclosure that comes just days after the company's warning on rising competition in the mattress industry sparked a dramatic selloff in the stock. The mattress maker said it had $200 million still available under an existing share repurchase program to put toward buying back its own shares. "
    What does that mean? Did they tank the stock to buy it back cheaper? They buying it back to boost confidence? This has me slightly concerned.
    Thanks for helping

  13. Stock Certified

    Stock Certified New Member

    Hello from Stock Certified!

    Hi! I have been trading for many years, but just found this forum so I thought I'd stop by and say hello. I trade for a living, and buy and sell microcaps almost exclusively. I love the thrill of looking for the next Apple or Google, and the excitement that comes when a stock I've purchased runs up a thousand percent... in short, it is a fun way to make a living-- once you know the rules and why to follow them:)
  14. Stockato

    Stockato New Member

    Re: Hello, my name is Uri

    Please check out "Building the Google of Finance":

    "There aren’t a lot of really innovative search technologies for investors. That’s changing — researchers and entrepreneur are looking at unique ways to classify financial product data on mutual funds and ETFs. That means it gets easier for us to identify new investments that make sense for our portfolios. Uri Kartoun, co-founder of Stockato, has some great academic experience in robotics and classification of large data sets and he’s turned his attention to investing. Uri joins us to talk about how his set of cloud tools can help this generation of investors find the investments they’re looking for…and maybe what they didn’t know they were looking for."
  15. lacky14

    lacky14 New Member

    Newbie!! "alan zavacky"

    hello i'm a newbie here ..
    i'm alan zavacky ...
    i want to join this forum co'z i want to improve and widen my knowledge about forum. hope all member here are friendly and helpful ...
    hope to learn more thing here..

    respectfully your's,
    alan zavacky :)
  16. lacky14

    lacky14 New Member

    Re: hi

    hello welcome to the community..
  17. LSUfan

    LSUfan New Member

    Re: hi

    welcome! ;) i'm here as well but already loving this forum. mainly because the sheer amount of posts and different boards it has. tons of info to take in!
  18. Freestate

    Freestate New Member

    new member

    Hey Everyone..

    Newbie here. trying to get some advice/information on trading some penny stocks.

    I hope to get some great information here..


  19. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    Re: new member

    Welcome to the forum. Check out the chat room during the day - it's free right now and there is some heavy penny stock trading and advice going on in there.
  20. DG91

    DG91 New Member

    Young Guy New to Investing (looking into stocks)

    Good evening (in the desert world),

    I am new to this website as well as the investment world as a whole. I have always enjoyed and understood the value of money and how it can work for you so I found investing as a hobby to follow suit.

    I guess the first question I could ask anyone who is reading this is, where is the best brokerage firm to start with? I am currently deployed so I only have computer access.



    • 21 years old
    • Never traded stocks before
    • Recently started reading investment books, most notably Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (I have many more to go, I know ha)
    • In the U.S. Marine Corps, working as an Intelligence Analyst, currently deployed.
    • Very Interested in stock trading just need the knowledge to start
    • 25k + in savings

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