Liberty Defense (OTCQB: LDDFF)

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    Liberty Defense (OTCQB: LDDFF)

    In 2014, in light of mass shootings and terrorist attacks globally, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) partnered with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Lincoln Lab to develop a new, more effective weapons detection technology.

    In 2017, MIT successfully tested the new system at Boston’s Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority and filed patents. After a six-month process of vetting companies interested in the system, MIT chose Liberty Defense (which was created a year and a half ago) to commercialise this unique technology (which is incorporated into HEXWAVE) and gave Liberty the global licensing rights. MIT is actively working with Liberty to bring HEXWAVE to the market by Q4, 2020.

    What HEXWAVE can do, compared to metal detectors, is magic. When you are at the security screening at the airport, you have to take off your jackets, belts, coins, phone, laptops, even shoes at some airports, and send your purses/backpacks for separate screening. Then you walk through the metal detector and if it pings, you are subjected to a full body pat-down or the wand. No wonder the line moves so slowly.

    With HEXWAVE you just walk through as you are.

    What HEXWAVE does is scan the person using active, real-time 3D radar imaging technology, within 0.2 seconds. The antennae arrays send low power radio frequency waves, 200 times less powerful and less harmful than Wi-Fi, that reflect off both metals and non-metals, to create 3D data and imaging of concealed objects in real-time.

    An Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm then automatically identifies objects displayed in that image and ignores the usual items (belts, phones, etc.), only creating an alert if it detects a threat. It can not only then let security know what the threat is but also exactly where it is in the body, allowing for much faster processing.

    Unlike its competitors, HEXWAVE can be used indoors and outdoors. It can also be used as a mobile, standalone product or integrated into an existing technology infrastructure. It does not violate privacy, as the image is not photographic nor it is retained.

    There was a knife attack in Paris in October 2019 where four policemen were killed. The assailant used a 3D printed ceramic knife which metal detectors cannot identify. Similarly, there was a 3D ceramic gun used in Germany in October 2019 at Jewish synagogue. The threat profile is changing dramatically, and Liberty’s HEXWAVE will be a unique system on the market that can effectively detect metallic and non-metallic threats (including 3D ceramic objects, suicide vests, pyrotechnics, etc.) with a commercially superior throughput rate.

    HEXWAVE will provide much faster processing and much better security.

    A DHS study estimates that the urban security market will be $ 5.3 billion globally and grow rapidly to reach $ 7.5 billion by 2025.

    Companies now have a strong financial incentive to invest in weapons detection technology. MGM Resorts estimates that it is now facing lawsuits totaling $ 800 million from the mass shooting incident from its Las Vegas premises in 2017.
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    Welcome to the forum! We like open dialogue with real discussions here. You'll learn quickly that fluff news and paid pumps will get called out in short order. A couple of questions:

    1) Were you paid to post this article? You have a disclaimer on your website that mentions you may get paid to cover specific companies. You should then include a disclaimer of whether or not you own shares or were compensated by the company or a third-party that owns shares.

    2) Why not mention the product being tested in real life? A quick google search finds a few real articles:
    a) University of Wisconsin:
    b) Port Tampa Bay:
    c) Camden Yards Baltimore:

    3) How much money do they need to raise to fulfill current orders? Will they have to continue to dilute to raise money? Meaning the share price will continue to fall until they have sufficient capital? Is there a convertible debt note outstanding with discounted shares that will be sold if/when the stock rebounds?

    4) If this new technology is legit, why hasn't a bigger security firm tried to buy it out yet?

    The tech seems cool and could be game-changing BUT there is a reason they had to go public to raise money. I like to make money. I don't buy to hold and hope their financial situation improves. I need to answer some questions before I would take this seriously as an investment; even if only looking for a short-term rebound. Fundamentals matter for this one considering they are in the 'testing' phase (real product) vs. a hyped/pumped penny stock in the 'development' phase (no real product).
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