Learn John F. Carter's favorite options strategies for today's volatile market

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    Watch this free video and reserve your seat to attend John Carter's free training next Tuesday night where he will discuss the strategies he is using in the current volatile markets.


    What You'll Learn
    Learn John's favorite strategies for trading everything from Crude Oil to NFLX and why decades from now investors will look back at 2016 as the best trading ever. You will also get an insider look at:
    • The reasons why volatility can be your best friend even for newbies with small accounts
    • Why options are the best trading vehicle on the planet right now
    • Why down markets are better than up markets, and
    • How to make successful trades on your phone while you are at work
    Watch the free video


    "I took one class and thought it was so good that [John Carter] opened up his playbook to teach people how he gets to the setup and trades. He wasn't trying to get us to just follow him blindly, he was trying to teach us how to fish."

    "[Simpler Trading] helped me find my trading style and learn what my psychological limits are because learning to trade is also learning to develop your mental ability to dispel fear and greed from your decision-making."


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