(KTRA) MC $33 M--Cash $23 M-- 2 BIG Phase 3 Cancer Drugs ..Major Milestones imminent

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    (KTRA-DD) Market Cap only 34 million/ Cash balance 23 million / 2 Cancer Drugs to start Phase 3 imminent -HUGE commercial opp of over $1+ Billion / LOTS of upcoming Major milestones (see Chart below) including Phase 2 readout of the Newly diagnosed GBM Study = MASSIVE Underpriced stock with significant upside potential could run to 10 dollar and more on positive readouts .GL

    Kintara Therapeutics (KTRA)

    Market Cap $33 Million
    Cash $23 Million
    Price $1.35

    Shares Out 24.6 Million

    Company Presentation

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