How to include charts or images in your posts

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    There are a couple of ways to include charts or images in your posts.

    The easiest way, which is not our favorite way, involves clicking on the image icon in the editing menu on top of your post, which looks like this " insertimage.gif " when your cursor is at the point in your post where you want your image, just click on insertimage.gif and you will see a prompt that says "Please enter the URL of your image:" just paste in the URL of your image file. The code will in your post will now look like this: [​IMG] - if you want your image to appear somewhere else in your post, just move this code, this code is what will place your image in your post, once you submit it. You will not see the image while you are writing or editing your post, only after you post it.

    The reason we don't like this method is that when you link to an external image, that image may be taken down later, and your post will then have a missing image. Also, the server where that image resides may be slower than our super-duper fast servers, and this slows down the serving of our pages. And if you post a chart to illustrate a point in your post, and the chart you link to is a dynamic image that changes, your post will no longer make sense when someone reads your post in the future. Some sites like don't allow links to their charts. And finally, the forum software cannot control the size of external images, so if the chart or image you post is very large, it may break the layout of the page it is on, since it will force the margins to absurd sizes.

    The preferred method is only a couple of extra steps, but please use this method whenever possible. You cannot use this method when in "quick reply" - you need to click on "advanced" in order to see the extra options. When in "advanced" reply or making a new post, in the top row of editing icons at the top of your posting window, there is a "paperclip" icon that looks like this - attach.gif - click on this, and a new window called "Manage Attachments" will pop up, and in this window you can add a file which resides on your computer, by clicking on "choose file" and navigating to the file. After you have chosen the file, you must then click on the "Upload" button, this will save the file as an attachment in our database.

    Or you can also upload a file from the internet by entering or pasting the URL of where that file is in the "Upload File from a URL" field. This will also save the file as an attachment in our database.

    So when you find a chart or image you want to include in your post, either copy the URL for that image, (you can usually right click on an image to obtain its address, or open it in a new window and copy the address from the status bar in your browser), and paste it in the URL field in the "Manage Attachments" window, or save it to your local hard drive, and later when you are posting you can just navigate to it when you click on "choose file."

    Once you have created attachments for your post in this way, you can close the "Manage Attachments" window and back in your post window, you can now click on the "paperclip" - attach.gif - icon and select the attachment or attachments that you will see in the drop-down menu, and they will appear wherever you want to put them in your post. You will not see the images until you submit your post, all you will see while writing or editing is the code "" with a number where the XXXX is. You can move this code to place it where you want your attachment to appear.

    Once you do this a couple of times it will be very easy. If you have any problems, just contact me and I will help.
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