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  1. bman99

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    Okay GMGMQ is the new symbol for gm and i saw that it was 60cents last week and ended 80 sumting cents i forget but I was wondering what yall thought about it. I was highly considering buying a couple of thousand shares of it at 60 cents so now that it is over 80 cents I am still considering it since the bankruptcy is supposed to be quick and short with them. Jw yall opinions thanks.
  2. bman99

    bman99 Member won may/09 simulator

    its at 1.20 now lol good damn day for GMGMQ lol wish i got in at 60 instead of 87 but shoot its looking good.
  3. 432

    432 Member

    I saw an article last week that GM is thinking about asking the court to let them do a 100/1 reverse split.
  4. bman99

    bman99 Member won may/09 simulator

    well i better get rid of it while i am ahead its at 1.30+ premarket so im happy
  5. bman99

    bman99 Member won may/09 simulator

    over 1.50+
  6. caseycour

    caseycour New Member

    So I bought in at 1.49 this morning...stock shot up to 1.74...I put in a limit sell for 1.70 at that point. Stock drops order doesn't get filled. I change the limit to 1.60...still no fill. Finally, I change to a market order when latest price is 1.62. The order fills 30 minutes later at 1.21. What did I do wrong here? I've never had an order take that long to fill. To add insult to injury, the price which pretty much bottomed at what I sold it for shot back up to 1.50 and stayed there. I am fairly new to this, and I would love to here thoughts as to what cause my problem today.
  7. bman99

    bman99 Member won may/09 simulator

    That sounds fishy... I sold mine at 1.64 just cause i doubled my money. but my limit order went in i use scottrade and it took my order perfectly... Try calling the company you deal with and see what they say. I know that happened to me once but that was on a buy order. it did not go in at all and i was so mad because of it.... but other then that I would not know why it did not sell.
  8. Technical Alchemist

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    wtf is going on with this thing? It's up 20-30% each day!

    Anyone see a break in the momentum on the horizon?
  9. bman99

    bman99 Member won may/09 simulator

    I have no idea lol. Its just such a gamble to you know. I wanted to buy 10000 shares when it hit 60 cents did not have a chance and then i got in at around 80 and got out at 1.64. But i have no idea it just keeps going up and up and its already up 20 cents from where it closed at yesterday.
  10. Stay Liquid

    Stay Liquid Member

    Ya this one is going up like crazy, another 6% today at close but was up quite high in the morning. Even in the session lows it never dipped below the previous close. I keep thinking it will cool down or pull back but not yet - I'm sure its waiting for me to go long, that usually does it... :top:
  11. bman99

    bman99 Member won may/09 simulator

    Yeah i was looking it at it all day but i wish i would have jumped on LEA this morning it went to 2.30 today but after market was 2.11 it skyrocketed but i feel as if gmgmq is actually going to stay around this point. And once all this bankcruptcy issue goes by it will jump. but hell idk lol it just pisses me off i didnt jump on it at .60
  12. super32

    super32 New Member

    what's the outlook today on GMGMQ?
    ... now that news is trending that they're selling their assets into the "new" GM, which is to IPO mid 2010?
  13. skinz

    skinz New Member

    Booming today!!! The ask is being hit like crazy!!! Who knows when this will stop!!!
  14. Rat Fink

    Rat Fink Active Member

    Look back 10 years. GM has been been flushed. I think people want to see GM make it. Back in June when it hit its 52 week low of .27 cents, I think the real gamblers loaded the boat. The price made a nice climb and held steady through June. Now this word and those lucky folks are taking some profits. Friday had volume, Volume that shows buyers kept the stock price on the climb. Well not so much of a climb, but held steady. Alot of feeding going on, alot of stock holders willing to sell at $1.25. We will all know by Monday night if the buyers have dried up or the sellers feel GM is for real and hold out for more $$$$.
    Hard not to buy!
    I started a thread on CIT. Its another waiting word for life support. They just showed thier cards to Obama. Give us $$ or will will file. Can't wait to see what kind of hand Obama has. Will he call thier bluff or fold and pay?
    I'm in Monday morning.

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