GBDT- Big news today!

Discussion in 'Stock picks and trading strategies' started by StockGod, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. StockGod

    StockGod New Member

    Radar it....vol picking up
  2. Luc1Grunt

    Luc1Grunt forum leader

    How does one become a StockGod?
  3. Pigeoninator

    Pigeoninator Member

    he invests in doublingstocks picks of course
  4. AJLightning

    AJLightning Member

    Would that happen to be GBT?

    there is no GBDT palsy 8O
  5. purpleinvestor

    purpleinvestor New Member

  6. CarlJ

    CarlJ Member

    Try to get the $20.00 he promises you if you read his website and think it's a waste of your time. Or you could post your affiliate link here and pretend to be asking a question about DS.:wink:
  7. Luc1Grunt

    Luc1Grunt forum leader

    And to think, in another thread you claim to have made 60% in 3 months
  8. TonyM

    TonyM Active Member weekly contest winner

    He obviously meant 3 days, duh;)
  9. Luc1Grunt

    Luc1Grunt forum leader

    he he. What ever happened to the other new posters pumping links? They don't seem to stick around??? Must be that cynical atitude of your's Tony!! Good thing you are not a judge. :mrgreen:
  10. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    Now, now... we are not here to judge others, we are merely here to expose a giant POS when we see it... be it purple or otherwise, we are color blind here... are we not gentleman?
  11. TonyM

    TonyM Active Member weekly contest winner

    If Hitlery takes over I'll be applying for the Judge Dredd position...if ya can't beat 'em....
  12. Luc1Grunt

    Luc1Grunt forum leader

    Hey, just realized: StockGod has not yet responded?
  13. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    Guffaw!!! No Way!!!! What?! I don't believe it?!!!! This is unprecedented!

    Try to be nice to people and they just disappear... hmmm:cry:
  14. netwrangler

    netwrangler Well-Known Member

    Grunt, TonyM, Micro, et al.,

    You folks are fun...
    And I needed that today.

  15. Luc1Grunt

    Luc1Grunt forum leader

    Micro, I think we were being nice....

    BSGCORP Member

    if you are refering to me luc1grunt. i'm still here im just spending more time reading and less time talking. I took the boards advice. because i want to become a money machine in the stock market. I havn't been buying any stocks latley because i haven't had any stocks that were appealing enuf to buy with my low $$$$ funds. If i buy any stocks i want to be able to buy at least 1000 shares and well I would be all in on any stocks i want to buy right now.
  17. yupyup

    yupyup Member won weekly contest 2x

    Hey BGS..why do you need to buy at least a 1000 shares? I think maybe your approach is slightly flawed. In doing your research you can prob find some great stocks that you can buy 5-10-20-30-40-50 shares in that will perform just as well.
  18. Chubby Khabob

    Chubby Khabob Member

    I think you may have called it a bit early as it looks to have dropped a couple bucks. But it looks to be setting up on the daily chart.

    Any more info on this StockGod? Volume is picking up again.

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