Gap Up!

Discussion in 'Stock picks and trading strategies' started by yoyomama, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. yoyomama

    yoyomama Member penny contest winner

    I know it's Vegas style but what can I say I got a wild hair & rolled my "Will They Dilute My Holdings & Sell Common Shares At 4:15 Eight Ball" & I bought BAC, C & FEED near closing yesterday, bailed within 10 miutes this morning and had my best day in weeks!

    Back to a plan.
  2. Gordo

    Gordo Member

    Good stuff!:beerglass:
  3. swimtrader

    swimtrader New Member

    I am always following FEED, it has been very solid for months, great stock for swing trading.

  4. yoyomama

    yoyomama Member penny contest winner

    Thanks...I tried to give it away towards closing but prevailed for once. :)
  5. Stay Liquid

    Stay Liquid Member

    When I read your post I thought you meant that GAP (GPS) Inc. was up and got all excited because I bought some on Wednesday and well, yunno what happened since then to the retail sector.... thanks for nothing! :mrgreen:
  6. yoyomama

    yoyomama Member penny contest winner

    Ooops...soory! :)
  7. Killtank

    Killtank Member

    I'd thought the same thing at first, although I hadn't bought any I was keeping an eye on it and was pretty surprised at first.
  8. blanchedsoldier

    blanchedsoldier New Member

    I bought BCS (barclays bank) at 17. yesterday and I didn't bail and it went all the way to 19.08.

    I wouldn't have bought C and i also had bac from a few days ago back and bailed this morning same as you.

    BCS will outperform the .inx and the .dji and the nadsaq and the amex all rolled into one. While Goldmansachs gets pulled under by the market and trundled by the .inx barclays will soar.

    That's why i like it. It's better than a swiss army knife.
    ( you just check the LONDON exchange and see if there was a pullback and jump in.)

    My regret's
    I bailed out of spng yesterday at .077 after getting in at .056 and I missed spng entry today at <.077 and spent the day trying to get back in but it soared to .10.
  9. yoyomama

    yoyomama Member penny contest winner

    Thanks for the tip...I checked it out & jumped in today. Been performing well so far. I'm going to hang on to it for awhile.

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