FFIV gap play from Friday

Discussion in 'Stock picks and trading strategies' started by Greatstockpix, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Greatstockpix

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  2. netwrangler

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    I'm sorry I guess I don't get it.

    Why are you telling us about this on Saturday?
  3. Hondaboy

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    Man I am trying so hard to understand candlestick.
  4. ChartShark

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    Clearly this is to show us what amazing calls we'd have to look forward to upon subscribing to this service.

    I think tomorrow I'll list 10 stocks to buy on Monday. Monday after the close I'll highlight the 1 of 10 I got right. Then I'll start charging for this spectacularly successful service.
  5. Tonkatoy

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    I'm no discrediting anyone, hell what do I even know, it would be interesting to randomly pick say 5 stocks and wonder how they would compare to sites that are stock picker sites.
  6. Greatstockpix

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    I apologize for posting a gap play technique that has made me a lot of money over the years. I don't know what I was thinking. I used 'after the fact' charts to illustrate the trade, and you guys jump all over me. My only other 2 posts in here were 'before the fact' charts of TSN and ICO which both broke out like the charts suggested they might. Nobody in here replied to those. I can only conclude that this forum doesn't want any trading technique ideas nor does it want any charts posted with upcoming potential. I have obviously picked the wrong place to share ideas...but in my defense, I was misled by the title, 'OnlineTradersForum'. I'm done.
  7. Tonkatoy

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    I am newer to this forum and I am here to learn as much as I can, I didn't mean to offend or discredit you or your site by any means. I may have jumped the gun with my scarcastic remark and I apologize, and may have taken your post as a "Monday Morning Quarterback" situation. For a novice like myself and this next statement would be only from my point of view as I do not speak for everyone and or anyone else, but just a line saying perfect gap play and a link and nothing further might be misleading. I personally would like any further info or techniques to help me make money but also a little back up of why.
  8. ChartShark

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    You shouldn't judge the entire forum based on 1 or 2 snarky comments.

    Just because I'm a jerk doesn't mean that others aren't interested in your input.

    Your previous picks (TSN & ICO) were good calls. Perhaps the reason you received no feedback on these posts is because they lack insight into your choices. A graph saying that your opinion is that it might breakout may not be enough. It's hard to "share ideas" when an idea isn't provided to start the conversation.

    I understand that you might not want to divulge any "trade secrets," but I believe that some explaination would not hurt the bottom line of your business.

    Sorry if I get a bit snippy when I click a link and see testimonials followed by credit card graphics.
  9. netwrangler

    netwrangler Well-Known Member

    Now who's being sarcastic?

    Your posts on TSN and ICO were excellent calls. I believe you have a good case for saying you haven't received the credit you deserved for those finds. They both broke out just as you suggested they would. Their gains surpassed the S&P500 gains for the time period. Well done and thank you!

    [Your very first post, a list of five ticker symbols, received criticism for being a little too cryptic. It seems you took that feedback to heart, because your subsequent posts included annotated charts.]

    By placing a link to your stock advisory site in your bio, you identify yourself as a professional. Let me be clear: I personally welcome professional posters. You folks are likely to be knowledgeable in trading. I figure I can learn from you.

    That said, many 'pros' are, unfortunately, predators. As a pro, surely you know that. Every new member needs to establish credibility — and the bar for a 'pro' is higher than the bar for a retail investor.

    [The Woody Allen line applies here: "...and the lamb shall lie down with the lion, but the lamb won't get much sleep."]

    So, when you post something on Saturday about how well you did on Friday, it raises the possibility of back-casting. I found your charts interesting and well commented. Still, I would have preferred at least an acknowledgment from you that this was 'after the fact' analysis. That's why I asked my question.

    With all of this, I hope you continue to post on the OTF.
    I'm certainly going to be looking at your 'breakout' charts with renewed interest. :fisheye:
  10. Supreona

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    Give them a free trial, a couple of days to see if its worth it.

    Also offer a refund within in a limited period...I mean if I buy something at the store and I'm dissatisfied...I can take it back as long as I have the receipt. It's only fair.
  11. freakscene

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    I demand credit !!!

    i posted ICO first

  12. netwrangler

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    A prophet is not without honor, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

  13. freakscene

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    good one net !

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