Facebook allocations - did anyone get any?

Discussion in 'Stock picks and trading strategies' started by feetsdr, May 18, 2012.

  1. feetsdr

    feetsdr New Member

    I have an account with etrade. wonder if anyone who uses them or other brokers - did you get allocated any facebook shares? I called just after the cutoff earlier in the week and just wonder how much I left on the table (how much would I have likely been able to get)?

  2. txjeff

    txjeff Member

    No shares allocated.
  3. feetsdr

    feetsdr New Member

    TX; you got none, but asked for some?

    Now that it's trading, it's consolation it wasn't a huge pop. Which makes me wonder if it will live up to the hype - with all the talk about FB FB FB, people aren't buying.

    I remember the adage - if you are offered an IPO, you don't want it

    seems true from my experience... and today?
  4. txjeff

    txjeff Member

    No shares allocated and laughingly, Fidelity sends me the email 20 minutes after the IPO opened that shares have been allocated and go check. I guess they are only slightly unprepared.
  5. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    I think Facebook is going to be the biggest IPO disaster in history. Nobody clicks on the ads, the whole thing is just an upgraded Myspace, and the guy running it doesn't want anyone interfering with his "vision" - which by the way he stole from a couple of twin brothers.

    I am not GM but I did try advertising on Facebook and it was a complete waste of money. In a couple of years people will look back and say "what was I thinking?" - it's the opposite of Google, which is cataloguing information, Facebook is about stealing it.
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  6. feetsdr

    feetsdr New Member

    I personally hate fidelity for their customer disservice and moved all my money from them when they wouldn't help me fill out forms to consolidate with them from Vanguard where Vanguard people are just inept.

    Moved from both of them and haven't looked back (other than to spit).

    So did / didn't you get any?
  7. txjeff

    txjeff Member

    As I said, no allocation. My intention was to flip it anyway. And considering it's down to 38 now, that would have been the best play. I too plan to shift from Fidelity soon.
  8. feetsdr

    feetsdr New Member

    his vision - being a tech nerd / introverted myself, I always wonder how he knows how 'regular' people want to interact. 900 million people, even if not clicking on ads - he did build a platform they want to use, which again, I just don't get. my introverted / self doubt nixes any ideas I ever come up with about dealing with people.

    Myspace vs. friendster vs. facebook vs. all the other social media sites - why did facebook persist and many others are footnotes!? Luck of the draw I feel
  9. feetsdr

    feetsdr New Member

    As I said, no allocation

    sorry, I thought you typed that before you got the note that fidelity said you got some.
  10. feetsdr

    feetsdr New Member

    as an aside, how do you get that quote box of previous text?
  11. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    The idea that Facebook is some kind of miraculous software is ridiculous, it is just a forum (like this place) with an interface which was bad before and they have made it even worse now that they are making it look more like a myspace / scrapbook page. Facebook is like a hit TV show - it just happens to be what a lot of people are gathering around right now, until something else comes along.
  12. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    You just click on the "Quote" button and it will be inserted into your post automatically. Maybe we should go public with this miraculous software!
  13. feetsdr

    feetsdr New Member

    Doh! Right in front of me! THANKS!
  14. I happen to have a similar bearish stance on 99% of social media stocks, save for Google.

    I do have to agree with you. I honestly do not know anyone who clicks on Facebook ads. Why would they? They are extremely targeted but I do not use Facebook to find a product, I use it to talk to friends or see what they are doing.

    That leads to Google's success. There ads show up in the search results. They are successful because they are relevant to what I am searching for and accommodate my needs. I am not talking to friends and I am looking for an answer to a problem or question, I am curious about a product or service, etc.

    I do have to disagree though because there is much evidence to suggest that Google does steal a lot of information. I would suggest you take a look at some of the titles available on Amazon.com about the more shady side of Google's business. They are brilliant and regularly hoodwink all of us. They should continue to be profitable for a long time and be a stock worth picking.
  15. ssick92

    ssick92 New Member

    On the right hand side, click the button that says "Quote"
  16. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    Ultimately Google steals ALL of its information - what I meant was that Facebook uses its users as its product, the users provide all the content and Facebook tries to make money off that, whereas Google organizes information and presents it in a way that is useful to the users. Google gives us value from the information, Facebook just takes information from its users and presents it back to them.
  17. a2b

    a2b New Member


    at work i am around about 100 young people in their early in the 20's. i remember about 6 years ago, when it was the norm, to hear people start grumbling about myspace and how much drama it was causing for them. pretty soon, the cool kid in the office deleted his, soon everyone followed. come to find out, that same thing was happening all over the world. just this past 2 months, i am starting to hear the same thing and know of people who deleted their fb account.

    who knows if it will ever fall as bad as myspace. for example, i know so many people like myself that use fb to upload pics of my kids for the rest of the family. if i were to bail on fb, my family would be pissed at me cuz its the best way for me to share my life with them. my mom bugged me until i made a page. i only did it for her and only friends with her and family, and all in private mode so no one else can see what i post. myspace never had this workflow. i don't plan on not using fb any time soon because of the convience of over 100 people in my family who look at my photos. but i also don't ever click on any banners and i don't know anyone who does. like martin said, i am not there to look for a service, for that, i go to google and search for whatever service i need.
  18. Thierry Martin

    Thierry Martin supreme commander won penny contest 2x weekly contest winner simulator winner 5x

    I agree that right now Facebook is the most useful site for sharing photos and whatever with family and friends, at one point Flickr seemed great, but Facebook now is the leader for that. I don't believe that a place for sharing personal information is a great place for ads, and I can't imagine a Facebook that takes in twenty times more money than it does now (which it would have to do to justify its market valuation) would look nearly as friendly as it does now. What are they going to do, make us see an ad before we can post or look at a picture?

    And I find their new "Timeline" page layout very reminiscent of Myspace.
  19. hardcoreCAP

    hardcoreCAP New Member

    FB has forced itself to advertise on it's mobile platform. I don't see a better way to raise revenue for numbers. i believe it's going to cycle much like myspace. it's become very over-corporate. as far as the stock, i think it'll do well for a while due to the hype...but how long that while i assume is not long, and how long is debatable
  20. At Game 7

    At Game 7 New Member


    MENLO PARK, CA (The Borowitz Report) – On the eve of Facebook’s IPO, Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg published the following letter to potential investors:

    Dear Potential Investor:

    For years, you’ve wasted your time on Facebook. Now here’s your chance to waste your money on it, too.

    Tomorrow is Facebook’s IPO, and I know what some of you are thinking. How will Facebook be any different from the dot-com bubble of the early 2000’s?

    For one thing, those bad dot-com stocks were all speculation and hype, and weren’t based on real businesses. Facebook, on the other hand, is based on a solid foundation of angry birds and imaginary sheep.

    Second, Facebook is the most successful social network in the world, enabling millions to share information of no interest with people they barely know.

    Third, every time someone clicks on a Facebook ad, Facebook makes money. And while no one has ever done this on purpose, millions have done it by mistake while drunk. We totally stole this idea from iTunes.

    Finally, if you invest in Facebook, you’ll be far from alone. As a result of using Facebook for the past few years, over 900 million people in the world have suffered mild to moderate brain damage, impairing their ability to make reasoned judgments. These will be your fellow Facebook investors.

    With your help, if all goes as planned tomorrow, Facebook’s IPO will net $100 billion. To put that number in context, it would take JP Morgan four or five trades to lose that much money.

    One last thing: what will, I, Mark Zuckerberg, do with the $18 billion I’m expected to earn from Facebook’s IPO? Well, I’m considering buying Greece, but that would still leave me with $18 billion. LOL.

    Friend me,


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