ESIV -stock pick of the week - hit .23 and pulled back/ more news today.

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    [h=1]Essential Innovations Announces Exclusive Agreement for the Philippines[/h][​IMG]6 hours ago

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    Hong Kong - (Accesswire - August 28, 2013) - Essential Innovations Technology Corp. (ESIV) is pleased to announce that the Company has secured the exclusive representation rights to the Country of the Philippines for the entire line of HVAC equipment manufactured by Mammoth China.

    "The Company has contracted for the exclusive rights to sell and distribute the complete line of Mammoth China HVAC equipment for the country of the Philippines. The Philippines is recognized today as one of the fastest growing and most sought after places to do business over the next 10 – 20 years. We have established a target goal of $500,000 USD worth of product sales through the end of calendar 2014. These objectives will be initially pursued through the undertaking of specific promotional and educational initiatives scheduled in the Philippines during the latter months of 2013. We intend to aggressively launch in this market region and we are excited and confident about the long-term success of our working relationship with Mammoth China," stated Jason McDiarmid, CEO.

    About the Company:
    Essential Innovations is driven to provide eco-friendly lifestyle enhancement solutions for the betterment of energy, water, air and health. The Company holds the exclusive global manufacturing, distribution and applications rights to the ‘Eximius Technologies - Extraordinary solutions for an ever-changing World'. The Company is recognized around the World as a leader in the deployment of comprehensive, customized, renewable energy and environmental solutions with particular emphasis given to the application of water source and/or geothermal heat pump technology. The Company has the resources and direct relationships in place globally to take projects of solar, wind, geothermal, waste and bio-fuel sources, water treatment/purification or desalination of most any size and scope from vision to reality.

    For more information contact:
    Essential Innovations Technology Corp.
    Tel: 852-2910-7828 This Weeks Awesome Trading Pick is: ESIV
    (ESIV is named the Top #1 Trading pick this coming week)

    ESIV Might be the Easiest Bottom Bounce Play in the Micro-Cap Markets. Are you going to take advantage of the momentum and breaking news coming Monday?

    Members, ESIV is the Top New Awesome Trading Pick for Monday and this coming Week. Do NOT sleep on this one. Some traders and investors are calling for this one to run 2 to 5 fold short term and this one looks to wake up the ENTIRE micro-cap market next week. It’s trading very cheap and looks to breakout short term. Major News was just released on Friday after the Bell on ESIV and we are here to bring it to you first before the "Rest of the Crowd."

    ESIV was recently trading rock solid between .25 to .40 cents and ran as high as $1.40+ just recently. ESIV is now trading dirt cheap at only 10 cents and we feel it will be screaming higher this week on major news, momentum and retail interest as the buzz is really heating up on the web.

    We have great news members… this Bottom Buster Play "ESIV" is currently trading at ONLY .10 cents and could easily run back to .25 to .40 cents starting Monday so act fast and make sure you are ready ok???

    Your trading horizons just got a little bit brighter and after this super play that we’ve unearthed, we dare say it may be bright for quite some time. ESIV is a long term gem that has presented itself as a massively undervalued opportunity worthy of savvy investor attention.

    We have highlighted some of the Powerful statements (see below) made by ESIV and its CEO Friday right after the market closed and this is why we fell ESIV will Soar come Monday and next week!

    1. ESIV CEO/President Jason McDiarmid stated, "As our Company is about to undertake a phase of aggressive marketing and sales initiatives in Asia and the Middle East, it is ever more important that our corporate mandate to seek the support of individuals of only the utmost caliber and reputation to help to ensure our success is met. With an array of opportunities now at our disposal we must be sure to utilize and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and expertise that is available to us from those highly regarded professionals around the Globe, with whom we possess long-standing business and working relationships."

    2. ESIV is presently in discussion with a number of globally recognized senior level business and technical executives, and over the coming weeks and months, ESIV plans to make a number of announcements as it relates to their formal addition to the Strategic Advisory Board. Each of these parties will come from a variety of backgrounds in the world of multinational energy and environmentally related businesses and they will each provide a wonderful complement to that of our other most recent high-profile strategic advisory board addition, Mr. John (Jack) DiEnna. He himself had received the highly coveted ‘Legend in Energy’ Award from the Department of Energy and the Association of Energy Engineers in the United States in 2010 honoring him for a lifetime of 35+ years of global achievement, during which time he worked under the Clinton Administration and had received a personal commendation for his efforts directly from President George W. Bush.

    3. ESIV (Essential Innovations) is presently fortunate to have our internal technological development programs overseen by Mr. Richard McDiarmid, the past founder/owner of Devron-Hercules Corporation, another highly-innovative Company that was acquired outright by Honeywell, the $37 billion a year annual sales, Fortune 100 multinational corporate giant. Richard is the inventor/designer of the proprietary ‘Eximius Technologies’ owned by the Company and it is with his creativity and mind towards the evolution of environmental and water treatment technologies, that ESIV shall be assured to remain at the forefront of this exciting industry sector.”

    In short ESIV is calling out to you. To give you some background on why we believe your trading portfolios are going to heat up soon, ESIV has been quietly building itself up for a big delivery on its gain potential. Evidence of this has just been unveiled with news that the company is setting up a Strategic Advisory Board.

    Sounds rather important, doesn’t it?

    Those were the exact words used to describe the initiative that will span the whole of ESIV’s extraordinary eco-friendly operations. The company said in yesterday’s development that the advisory board will “take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and expertise that is available to us from those highly regarded professionals around the Globe.”

    The announcement went on to say that ESIV “is presently in discussion with a number of globally recognized senior level business and technical executives, and over the coming weeks and months, the Company plans to make a number of announcements as it relates to their formal addition to the Strategic Advisory Board.”

    ESIV is going to surprise all of you – every last one of you. The deep look we’ve taken at its extraordinary gain potential is pointing to very explosive market valuations in the near and long term. This play is growth oriented in every way and although we don’t want to reveal too much until the main report hits your inboxes tomorrow, we want you to grasp the important dynamics of what makes ESIV a super play.

    Recent market valuation has opened up to very strong volumes and price movement have been positively green making ESIV one of the most undervalued plays we have seen in some time!

    In every way, this deserves to be in our portfolios and we want your absolute vigilance for the main report. It shall be delivered very soon so whatever you do, don’t miss it!
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