Dow finishes day above 13000 - finally

Discussion in 'Stock picks and trading strategies' started by txjeff, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. txjeff

    txjeff Member

    Just inching it's way up the ladder. I like slow and steady.
  2. VielGeld

    VielGeld Member

    Now I'll be curious to see if it has one more push up or the market will sell off hard from here. Round numbers tend to do that.
  3. txjeff

    txjeff Member

    Yeah; that's why I have about an equal proportion of shorted weaker stocks to longer stocks (options). My Margin account is empty daily.. Only my IRA has overnight stuff.
  4. yellow4yield

    yellow4yield Member

    I should think the "buy high" / "sell low" crowd should jump in now and do some heavy buying!
  5. txjeff

    txjeff Member

    Hah. Well there are actually good opportunities for both, er, that is Buy low sell high. Sell high, buy back low.
  6. Technical Alchemist

    Technical Alchemist forum leader won penny contest 13x won weekly contest 12x

    Will be interesting to see how long this lasts. Without some form of QE this bull is getting a little long in the tooth, especially in the face of $4/gal gasoline and a "managed" Greek default - which coincidentally the powers that be won't admit this is a "credit event" so the trillion dollar CDS market doesn't go ape shit. Oh well, fake it until you make it in this pseudo-market. They are doing everything they can to prop it up.

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