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Discussion in 'Stock picks and trading strategies' started by avontureke, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    looks like we are back on track again...
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  2. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    It is in deed a crazy market...thats why I'm sidelining it. But it remains a challenge to try and figure out where they are heading.

    what the one sided concerns...its normal you dont understand that stance. Cfd or future trading has a serious risk factor to it. Its all about risk controll...Me trading one sided is just as abnormal as the market currently is.
  3. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    and there we go
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  4. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    bulls should really get out now !!!

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  5. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    a spike due to pmi....but with lots of maybe's and I doubt this is strong enough so this wont last

    But it does show that the bulls are still ready out there

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  6. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    ok this is the point where you shut down all your trades and walk away...
    this market is behaving waay to weird.
  7. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    we got confusion and doubt in the market and boom...there we go again. Market jumps back in auto mode and goes for pure technicals with this as a result

    Now the whole circus starts over...back down again.

    boy o boy...what a market indeed

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  8. Blaine Tarr

    Blaine Tarr forum leader won penny contest 24x won weekly contest 20x

    This thread is just comical now, nice 'predictions' bud. I told you to watch both ways, instead your freaking out when there was money to be made on the long-side.
  9. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    First off all...I take offence at you calling my work comical. Clearly you dont have a clue what Future or cfd trading is about.

    I also ask myself the question why you are here ? Everytime I hear you its negative. Always dishing my work. Never understanding it.

    Now I make a wrong call that could cost barely 30 points and come dishing my work.(I'm not a fortune teller, I analise the dow...)

    And then we have the constant use of the word "predictions" that you obviously hope will stick. Already sorry I ever used it.

    If you dont like my work...dont read it and leave my threat alone pls
  10. Blaine Tarr

    Blaine Tarr forum leader won penny contest 24x won weekly contest 20x

    Okay, clearly I hit a nerve, and I apologize for that. I'm trying to push you to be a better trader here. Drop the ego for a few minutes. You can step back and learn from this. I've been on these boards for 5 years, you gotta give me a little respect, and I will give it back.

    All I wanted you to do was keep an open mind. I hope what happened today will do so. I like to make people think. Clearly it got you thinking. Next time maybe you won't be so one-sided? You didn't even realize you were doing it and the market bounced hard on you. I tried to warn you.
  11. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    this is just another spike so basicly the targets remain the same. But carefull if you short it.

    And for the record....I checked the time on my twitter account. This was indeed a call that was negative for about 50 points. I personally noticed the danger but I wasnt fast enough to call it.

    But advice is to sideline or to work with small positions. This is a dangerous market and spikes like that are normal.

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  12. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    I understand what U are trying to say...I hear and recognise the value of your tips. But I'm trying to explain to you that you are comparing 2 differend worlds.
    Stocktrading is no future trading....and above all not indices !

    And more...I'm develloping a way to "analise" the dow and to use that to give directions op possible moves they are gonna make.
    this is all I have been doing for over 4 years now. Nothing else but the dow and the dax. Totally different world.

    And it works...for months in a row now. Ofcourse I will miss out on some trades. But thats part of my way of working.

    We also look different at the raisons why we bounced for example. For my that raison was doubt and confusion about good and bad news ending up in an extreme.
    That is the underlying raison I dont go long there. To risky for my when I think it will fall back.
  13. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    also keep in leverage

    when I loose like 40 points that is about 4 to 8 % los on the original amount of the TOTAL base account.

    And I have something called "margincall" to take care off. Unlike (buying) options that is a very important factor with volatility like this
  14. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    basicly the same kind of spike like we saw yesterday
    But be carefull to short it...we have some room left on the upside

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  15. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    thats about all we are going to see from this upward move.

    Close observers will have noticed that the dax has ignore that last push from the dow completely.

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  16. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    ofcourse I should not have to tell you that it is extremely risky to trade this.
  17. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    look at that dax...

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  18. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    dow finally on its way down again....

    afirst sign.jpg
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  19. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    We clearly better leave it be for today because the happy buyers in the US keep on buying. Its a bit overkill but also very normal for such market extremes. You dont need a lot to make it move now.

    this will simply have to wear off so better off waiting for tomorrow, see where we stand and pick it up from there when the dust has settled.
    Normally we should go down from here on. But with that much euforia on the US markets you can never be sure.

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  20. avontureke

    avontureke Active Member

    bulls are still trying to get higher...but that resistance at 16150 is not an easy one.

    that would be a little to good to be true

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