Doubling Stocks... Let's Decide... Together

Discussion in 'Learn how to trade or invest by asking questions' started by microhedge, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    As the "Stock Trading Robot Any Good" thread received some good attention with 443 views, I am starting this thread and will keep it alive for one reason...

    We can all analyze "Doubling Stocks" together8)

    I paid for the subscription and supposedly will get picks on Sundays, as soon as I get them I will post them on this thread for your review. That way we can all review and decide... scam or real.

    So again, you will have them minutes after I have them (unless I am out of town, and I will say so).

    Here's to Doubling Stocks and seeing if I can even get my subscription price back8O

    BTW, they sent a "freebie" that you may have caught me post in the other thread... SSTP... currently up .01 to .05
  2. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    And here is the link to the "Penny Stocks Bible" that came with my subscription... I haven't read it yet, but I am sure it is a wealth of overused worthless information, check it out yourself...
  3. Albert0373

    Albert0373 forum leader won weekly contest 8x won sept/07 simulator won feb/09 simulator won july/08 simulator won oct/07 simulator won june/08 simulator

    Cool, let's test this sucker out.
  4. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    Just skimmed through the Penny Stock Bible... wow! Pile of @#%@#$$^&*!

    Not that bad I guess, if you've never traded before... very elementary and interestingly enough all the screen shots were from a 3 day period in July of '02 and this MARL robot stock picker came out in early '07... hmmmm

    When are these marketers going to at least get all their ducks in a row if they want to keep getting customers?

    Did you see some of my initial posts in the "Robot.." thread Thierry started? I provided two different links that were selling the same think and were hilariously contradictive on the founding partners, names and dates:lol:
  5. Aragorn

    Aragorn New Member

    I'm a member of DoublingStocks too since 2 weeks.
    I received the next email yesterday:
    Don't know why Michael was so excited about this blog.
    There was only ONE message and that one was from April this year.
    The responses to that message are pretty negative.
    I feel more doubts about DS every day.
  6. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    For those interested... I am supposed to be getting the first pick tomorrow from the infamous MARL, I will post as soon as I receive it.

    Apparently the idea is a pre-market buy for those of you who are brave enough because the claim is the money is to be made in the first 30min of trading.

    Until then...8)
  7. big_bear_yeah

    big_bear_yeah Member won penny contest 2x

    on my watch list :wink:
  8. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    6:00pm MST... No word from Michael and MARL so far... no great pick for MONDAY yet

    Hmmmmmmmmm, maybe MARL has a virus

    Aragorn, got that cute little link too (posted previously), just a fake blog set up as part of the marketing campaign
  9. Stin

    Stin Member

    probably still busy crunching all the numbers!;)
  10. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    9:00pm MST, nothing but the standard email re-soliciting my business...

    I think this may be a dead end road, I'll give it one more week.

    Until then...
  11. Aragorn

    Aragorn New Member

    Did anyone searched for the address mentioned on the website and mails?
    Go to Google Maps and do a search for:
    12 Well Ridge Close
    Whitley Bay
    Tyne and Wear NE25 9PN
    United Kingdom

    What you will see is a small town near Newcastle.
    The street (Well Ridge Close) is a street with large stand alone houses.
    There is no sight of the "only white house" in the street.

    I can be wrong about this and maybe someone in England will tell me I'm wrong because there is more than 1 Whitley Bay's in England.
    Otherwise the given address is BS!
    And if they lie about there address they will lie about all the other stuff too.
  12. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    Agreed, this thread has turned into an on going thread of seeing just how fake Doubling Stocks is... it was spawned from an earlier thread asking about Doubling Stocks validity, so I thought the best way to find out was to sign up and keep everyone updated.

    Thanks for the research Aragorn, it bodes well with the other info we've gathered... doesn't surprise me one bit:roll:
  13. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    Just for fun I thought I would post the recent email that popped into my inbox....

    from Michael <> hide details 9:22 pm (0 minutes ago)
    to microhedge>
    date Mon, 24 Sep 2007 20:22:47 UT
    subject DoublingStocks Important news!


    This is Michael, I apologize this weeks pick has been slightly
    delayed but I think your going to like the reason...

    It is absolutely vital that you watch your emails
    over the next few coming days.

    Marl has identified a stock which has been trading in a very
    predictable range, which is all but certain to run back up to
    its 52 week high!

    But that's not all...

    We have also went above and beyond Marls recommendation and
    discovered a number of fundamental factors which we believe could
    take this stock to dizzy heights.

    It's an almost too obvious pick -- I'm fairly sure some of the more
    experienced of you will already be watching this stock...

    We are currently waiting for the best entry point, stay tuned!

    Best Regards,

    PS. Please add us to your address book/contact list to ensure you
    always get our emails.

    Global Marketing Corporation
    12 Well Ridge Close
    Whitley Bay
    Tyne and Wear NE25 9PN
    United Kingdom
  14. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    Wait... don't tell me... Eternal Image?!!:lol:
  15. max2007

    max2007 Member

    Now, wouldnt that make our day. :p

  16. stockviper

    stockviper Active Member

  17. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    I got this FREEBIE from my PAID subscription... hmmmm

    VYGO... Voyager Petroleum

    Good ole MARL says double or triple shortly:wink:
  18. Luc1Grunt

    Luc1Grunt forum leader

    What happened to the original poster of the doubling stocks link? I think I called it out and got some spin about blah, blah, blah.

    Sounds like a solid group, ha!

    Thanks for the update hedge.
  19. max2007

    max2007 Member

    VYGO is up 42%,
    If only i knew.......

  20. microhedge

    microhedge Member

    That's why I posted last night:wink:

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