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Discussion in 'Stock picks and trading strategies' started by bigslick69, May 27, 2011.

  1. bigslick69

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    I am a newbie to this site. I have been looking at Doc Severson's options program and wondering whether anyone can speak to the quality of the program and whether they feel it is worth the 2k purchase price?
  2. tractorboy

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    Before he was "Doc" he was Craig the Optionslinebacker. If you do a search for that you'll find his site which is still active. If you just want a taste of what he does then subscribe to that for a while. I found it to be a very good primer into a conservative options trading strategy.
  3. Thierry Martin

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  4. txjeff

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    I like what I see so far. I'm not spending a dime yet; just going through his videos. There's a lot to learn from it if you are fairly new or inexperienced with options. I'm not feeling the plunk down $2000 thing. I'm going to see if I can't get a handle on it from my own studies and the free videos.
  5. Thierry Martin

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    Doc Severson is a brilliant options trader and he is launching his new service tomorrow.

    To help traders learn about his style of trading he has released three videos in the last few days that show how he trades.

    They are full of valuable trading tips and techniques that everyone from a beginner to a pro can benefit from.

    This is your last chance to view this valuable material for free - I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity and watch these great videos.

    video #1 - The Alternate Road to Investing

    video #2 - The Iron Condor Income Generator

    video #3 - The New Roadmap to Consistent Monthly Income

    Please don't miss these videos, you will be glad you saw them.
  6. Doodman

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    Before you guys sign up be sure to read the Return policy. It may seem fine and dandy that he offers to give you an extra 500$ if you don't like the system. But you must apply the system for twelve months, provide brokerage statements, and it must not be profitable. It doesn't define profitable so I'm guessing if you made 5$ over twelve months you can't get a refund :biggrin:. And if you lost 2500$ you'll just about waste 12 months and made nothing.
  7. txjeff

    txjeff Member

    Trust me, if I thought seriously that I better worry about the return policy, I would never sign up in the first place. I really believe the system is capable of making good money if you don't get lazy about learning how to do it correctly. In fact, Doc is quite clear in saying, "If you simply create an Iron Condor and walk away from it for 2 months, you will LOSE money." This is not like investing and hoping your long plays will mostly keep going up, except when they don't. You have to look at the trade, at least weekly, and ensure it's still in the alley and not crossing the threshold on the high or low side. If it is, then you take action to expand your border away from the threat with various strategies. And learning how to best read the index charts helps minimize excessive trading that lessen profits.

    Anyway, the market will be going for a long time. If you can wait a few months as I learn the system, I'll let you know how it goes with my first trade. And then you can choose for yourself the next time the course is offered. Keep in mind too that this course is one of four offered at the site.
  8. Thierry Martin

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    There are a number of bonuses available also, which you get to keep in the case of a refund, so there is some value in that. Also note that in addition to the one-year refund plus $500 guarantee, you have a full 60 days from your purchase date to claim a refund without any conditions or questions asked, as all credit card companies accept chargebacks within that period if a customer is not satisfied. (Some credit card companies accept chargebacks within 90 days.)

    I believe that Doc is offering the extra one-year refund plus $500 because the system can take a couple of months or more to start generating profits, because of the time element in options trading.

    We have promoted this course before, and as affiliates we also lose out when there is a refund. Refund rates have been under 2%, which is way below the industry average for trading services. And my guess is that many of those refunds were to the "serial refunders" who have no intention of paying for the systems they buy, and just sign up to steal the freebies and the system. And the rest would be people who changed their minds or feel the system is not right for them.

    Just think about that for a second - less than two people per hundred that bought the course wanted their money back.

    There is a webinar on Tuesday that will be announced tomorrow, and any questions will be answered by Doc himself.

    Right now, when you enroll, you also get the following bonuses:

    #1 - Making BIG Money Trading Small Accounts
    #2 - Secrets for Making Money in Bear Markets
    #3 - Doc's Top Secret "Time Spreads" Advanced Options Strategy

    You're getting exclusive over-the-shoulder information that no one but Doc's students will ever see.

    Just click here to see what the deal is.
  9. Doodman

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    I don't doubt that his system works and I'm sure Severson has good intentions with the course. I just like to look at the fine print before I pay anything. Just a habit I developed after using products that didn't deliver.
  10. txjeff

    txjeff Member

    I know what you mean. I've been burned a couple of times by sneaky groups (but not in the investment world). Luckily not serious dollar amounts. I'm betting, of course, if the desire is to get a refund, it won't be a simple thing. There will probably be allot of selling to get you to try harder or maybe they will extend the warranty longer as they mentor you more closely. But if it is a good system based on these folks putting a lot of time and effort into time testing it, I don't mind paying them for this skill, especially if it brings a future lifetime of profits.

    For a credit card refunding due to a poor service, I can only say from experience, with my Chase credit card, they were worthless. I had a scammer skate on the thinnest ice of legal, but I had enough expertise to show the scam (which was not visible until weeks after the fact). I couldn't find a Chase rep with half a brain to side with me, the customer. They looked for any crumb to give the scammer a break. And that was after talking with 3 different people. They refused to honor my dispute and it put me out $399 and literally that company offered a worthless service - 100%. Ultimately I closed my mortgage, checking, savings, home equity credit line with the bank. It didn't even make them blink. Scary how powerful a bank can be.

    I think with OptionsMD, where it's truly up to the customer to make an effort, it would be much harder to blame the seller for not earning a profit with the system especially if they show many others who are doing well with it. The system would have to be a total flop, IMO. But, by the sound of it, with only 2% refunds, it is far from that. The fact that Iron Condors, as a minimum, are well known advanced options strategies, and are a favorite of many traders, means even without OptionsMD, you can make money with the strategy. I think the way I'd define OptionsMD is that they found a way to go much deeper and fine tuned that strategy to make it far more profitable than a basic placing of the trade and praying method. By the way, they don't use only one method. They have several strategies depending on the climate of the market and they don't always hinge on Iron Condors.
  11. Thierry Martin

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    Over the last thirteen years I have promoted a lot of trading products and services, either through advertising on my websites or in my newsletters, or as an affiliate.

    Most of products and services I haven't tried myself, I wouldn't have time to do that and just reading trading books has kept me satisfied. Often I am offered a preview of the service or product and I do look at what is offered to make sure it is of reasonable quality. If I receive a free copy or subscription, again, within the time limitations I have, I take a look to make sure it seems reasonable.

    But the main way I judge the quality of these products and services is through the refund rates, or the longevity of the advertising campaign or service, and the response of customers that bought something through one of our links or recommendations.

    When we see high refund rates, we dump the campaign. The average refund rate is below 7%, however we have had a couple of experiences with products that were seeing refund rates of 50% and 60%. We have stopped working with those publishers.

    If we receive even one complaint about anyone having any kind of difficulty getting a refund, we dump the campaign immediately.

    And if we start getting emails complaining about the quality of something someone bought though one of our links, we also take action and drop that from our repertoire.

    Over the years, the two most successful services we have promoted are Erlanger's Squeeze Play and John Thomas' Macro Millionaire. It looks to me like Doc Severson's Options MD is going to join their ranks as a top performing service.
  12. Thierry Martin

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    Great news - after selling out the program (Doc only wants to take on as many students as he can handle) the program is being relaunched next week.

    You can see the latest video here.
  13. mcfly89

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    I'm selling my OptionsMD course for only $1K. Since for personal reasons I wasn't able to use and apply the course (including the 1 year of unlimited email support), Doc graciously agreed to extend the email support to the buyer of my course. This applies, even though the course recently sold out and is closed. So here's a chance to save $1.5K AND start the course now! For more details, see my LA/OC/IE Craigslist posting -
  14. txjeff

    txjeff Member

    I wanted to offer my first hand experiences with the OptionsMD program, for your consideration. In February it will be one year since I participated and used the O.M. system. Here are the pros and cons. Bear in mind, when I started, I had about 6 months experience with Options trading, which, in most peoples books, makes me a novice, although I've been trading in the market for more than 25 years.

    The pros:

    It is a very good system for learning how to get away from emotional trading; it teaches you patience and earning the right to trade before you risk any money; It is slower paced than day trading or swing trading per se so there are less sleepless nights. A guarantee is offered for the program.

    The cons:

    You realize halfway through the course, that although this is inspirational on a weekly basis for a few months, it is still essentially a "self taught" course. You have to be willing to put allot of free time into it to understand the principles thoroughly.

    Although the course alludes to a "complete" package that once mastered will allow you to make regular profits, I think it is misleading. Once you start reading the newsletter that is sent daily, at an additional hefty price, you realize that Doc trades many other things simultaneous to what you are taught in the course. The course focuses 95% on high probability Iron Condors; and a little bit on low probability Iron Condors that are all focused on trading the SPY ETF. But the newsletter discusses many other weekly and monthly trades. The reality is the market is not always playing well to trade Iron Condors and will not always be profitable.

    You also find out that Doc cannot give financial advice or specific timing for the various trades and defenses, so it is hard to fully grasp the principles without having allot of expertise. I found when I went back to work full time, that it became near impossible to properly work with the system and the trades unless I was willing to sacrifice much of my free after work time to the system. Hard to do.

    General; I do appreciate the psychology education of becoming a smarter investor, but do not expect that by finishing this course, you are now going to make a bunch of money and have it all figured out immediately. It is a far slower process. Just think of it as becoming a home contractor and this is the hammer. But you still need the nails, the screwdriver, the wrench, and allot of experience to get good at this.

    Six months after the course starts, you may get calls from a $5000 mentoring affiliate that wants to tutor you through using the course (since many never get to a comfort level to trade it actively). The best thing I got out of it was meeting a friend in another state who saw my threads here about the course and also was involved. We talk regularly and share our perspectives and that has helped to re-invent into a unique form of trading that "might" incorporate some of the OptionsMD ideas.

    So from a Karate Kid "Miagi" level only, taking control of my emotions and attitudes about trading it's a thumbs up. As a course to make you fast money and becoming a fast paced trader blah blah blah, not at all. Don't even go there.
  15. Thierry Martin

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  16. Rkeithj

    Rkeithj New Member

    TxJeff, Did you take the optionsMD course? I have been considering it but would be great to talk to someone who has first hand knowledge. Noticed you are in Granbury. I'm just east of Dallas. Please let me know your status with the course and if you are willing to give me more info. Thanks
  17. Thierry Martin

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    If you read the post above he did take the course and describes it.
  18. novicetrader

    novicetrader New Member

    Thank you. Have you ever done the campaign for sheridan mentoring ? If yes, can you please let me know how it was. ?

    Is there an option to buy the videos of Doc Severn optionMD instead of full mentoring to reduce the cost?

    Thanks again
  19. txjeff

    txjeff Member

    I think I answered most of your questions in a different part of the forum. The videos, in and of themselves, will not be sufficient nor will the written materials. The newsletter and videos are a necessity as the market continuously changes and you have to re-think the trading plans often. You can't just assume the market goes in a linear direction week after week. Far from the opposite. I think you get what you pay for with systems. The cheap ones are typically not helpful. Sorry.
  20. BrianNC

    BrianNC New Member


    The page for those links is already closed, even though the course still appears to be open. Is there any way to view these videos?

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