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    Disclaimer; Although much effort and varying levels of experience from some to much are use, the risk of trading any of the plans, systems, or stocks/forex/bonds etc is at your own risk. Not all trade choices will be held by all group members and maybe removed with little or no notice from a portfolio. We hold no responsibility for any losses that might be incurred due to a mismanaged trade. It is your responsibility to know your own limitations and if you are unsure of a trade, then don't do it without asking a group member. A sudden market pull back can result in sufficient losses if hedging or protection is ignored. Hedging placed after a market pull back is too late. Failure to use hedging is a personal choice and any losses are your responsibility. Hedging will reduce profits. All choices of the percentage of account risk are your responsibility.

    The plans are developed by forum members that have had significant experience or education with evaluating and researching trades and investments and the basis for the trades are acquired from reliable research sources (listed in that thread at the top). The combinations in Funds for Investments should provide the ability for long term investment with hedged risk protection built in. Periodic adjustments to the funds will be provided as some stocks will become losers and may quickly fall out of favor. If you follow the plan, it is important that you check daily to see the latest revision to a plan and adjust your account accordingly. The funds are designed to work as a whole. Alterations of the volume of trades may require adjustments to the hedging levels. (To be discussed further in the various plans).

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