Digital Indicators of Adaptive Trend & Cycle Following Method

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    Fellow Traders!

    I want to share with you original research and development based on digital signal processing (DSP) - bunch of Digital Indicators of adaptive trend lines.

    To receive this set of indicators for free, please send me a request to my e-mail:

    I will send you 2016 version of these indicators.

    Digital Indicators was developed on the base of scientific theory of spectral analysis.

    Here is the chart:
    These indicators has very good characteristics and it deliver very profitable setups, entry and exit points.

    Indicators is suitable for any markets (FOREX pairs, Stocks, Futures) and any timeframes, but works better on the Daily and H4 charts. I like to use these indicators on e-mini S&P futures - it works very well!

    In general it works more better than standard indicators, like moving average, MACD and etc.

    In recent years I made a lot of money with these indicators.

    I want to share it with you and I will send you these indicators and source code of it.

    The archive you will get contain version of indicators for MetaTrader 4 and 5 platform and the source code for embedding to any platform like TradeStation, Metastock and any other platform alowing to create indicators.

    I also will send you the instructions how to use these indicators and manual for entry and exit points based on these indicators.

    To receive this set of indicators for free, please send me a request to my e-mail:

    I send these indicators only to your e-mail because I want to know who to use these indicators and I can answer your additonal questions via e-mail if you need.

    Peace and high profits!

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