Delivra (MC $15 M)..Cheapest Cannabis Gem

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    Heavily underpriced and undiscovered Cannabis Gem..

    DVA.V (Market Cap $15 Million) 6 Marketed Products for Pain // 6+ CANNABIS Products to be launched this year // Close to profitability / MASSIVE interest by potential Partners // LOW FLOAT stock =UNDISCOVERED & CHEAPEST Cannabis Gem out there . TGT $2-3

    Delivra (DVA.V // DLRVF)

    Market Cap C$ 15 million
    Price: 0.31

    Canopy Growth and Delivra Partner to Offer Innovative Therapeutic Cannabis Products

    Delivra Corp – The Biotech-Cannabis Company You’ve Never Heard Of


    Delivra Receiving Interest for its Expertise and Technology for Use in the Cannabis and Pharma Industries

    TORONTO , Oct. 1, 2018 /CNW/ - Delivra Corp. (TSXV: DVA - "Delivra" or the "Company"), a scientific and biotechnology company, today announced that it has recently received inquiries from a number of interested parties in relation to the Company's proprietary transdermal delivery system platform, including its proprietary applications for the cannabis and pharma industries.

    Marketed Products:

    oLivReliefTM Pain Relief Cream–used to treat joint pain due to inflammation;

    oLivReliefTM Extra Strength Chronic Angry Pain Relief Cream–used to treat pain associated with muscle, joint inflammation, nerve, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetic neuropathy and

    oLivReliefTM Sports & Active Pain Relief Cream–used to treat muscle pain, strains, ligaments, tendons and joint inflammation and used for pre and post workouts;

    oLivReliefTM Varicose Vein Cream–used to treat and reduce the appearance of varicose veins; and

    oLivReliefTM Healing Cream–used to heal cuts, burns, and sores and help relieve skin inflammations and irritations


    Market Launch for the Cannabis Products below expected this Year:

    Cannabis-Based Therapeutics:

    •LivRelief Nabilone Cream

    •LivRelief CBD Cream

    •LivRelief THC & CBD Cream

    •LivRelief CBD Marcaine Lidocaine & Epinephrine Cream

    •LivRelief CBD Buprenorphine Cream

    •LivRelief CBD Ketamine Cream

    •Additional products in pipeline

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