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    Franchise Holdings International’s core business is finding investment-grade companies to add to our portfolio. The best fit for us would be companies that are a few steps away from becoming leaders in their industries and are aligned with our approach to doing business. They understand that connection, creativity, and capitalism are a powerful combination and that it is not necessary to sacrifice one in favor of the other on the road to success.

    At this time, Franchise Holdings International is focused on taking our subsidiary, Worksport LTD, to its next level up. Worksport LTD is a manufacturer of quality, innovative and affordable tonneau covers for the light-duty truck market in the United States and Canada. Even though this market is largely dominated by a major player who has been rolling up smaller competitors, Worksport is making an impact in the market. And is itself poised for massive growth, much of which will occur organically within the market?

    How to Invest in Franchise Holdings International. Where do I go?
    If you are interested in a direct investment then we encourage you to get in touch with us using our contact form or by giving us a call. Together we will review specific opportunities. By investing directly in Franchise Holdings International you are directly supporting our growth.

    If you are interested in buying shares on the open market you will need an online broker account like for example TD Ameritrade or Fidelity. Once you have access to your account you can find us on the OTC market under the symbol FNHI.Visit link for more information :-
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    FNHI has only traded 1200 shares today around .11, so less than $200 worth. Don't waste time with this junk man. Learn to trade options of real companies with liquidity. Your $200 will have a better chance of growing quicker if you learn what to look for. Otherwise, its only $200 tuition for the learning experience. Buying and holding penny stocks is a sucker's game in which the insiders or convertible noteholders win. If you want to trade penny stocks (not invest) then find the ones with liquidity and learn how to read price action! TTCM a good example today. Over $1 million traded so far, that's good enough for most entry-level penny players. Build your scanner to find the dollar volume.

    Supply and demand dictate direction. FNHI has neither right now, so avoid.

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