CBAY scraping .125

Discussion in 'Stock picks and trading strategies' started by soundlanguage, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. soundlanguage

    soundlanguage Member

    Whew. Quick money here for the 2-3 day flippers, gut feeling & charts be damned.


    Happy Monday everyone~
  2. Malakas007

    Malakas007 Member

    Im in at .128, chart looks great. Could see .20 soon. GREAT BUY IMO!!!
  3. ub3rn00ber

    ub3rn00ber Member

    Uh.... why did it drop so much with ok volume and no news?
  4. bahroor

    bahroor Active Member weekly contest winner won dec/06 simulator

    in at .12 for a taste
  5. Chmiklbrothr

    Chmiklbrothr Member

    Watch out....this is a real estate based company and r/e has taken a beating of late. IMHO, This might not be finished, although it seems to have support at .125. Might want to save some $$$ to average down.
  6. bahroor

    bahroor Active Member weekly contest winner won dec/06 simulator

    i agree, only bought a little, probably should of waited longer but it looks like it doesnt want to drop below .12

    this thing should reach .16 fast
  7. bahroor

    bahroor Active Member weekly contest winner won dec/06 simulator

    well, the buying has started... GL everyone

    thanks for the heads-up sound.
  8. Mad Girl Investor

    Mad Girl Investor Active Member

    dang its a new 52 week low... .155 was the new low set back in April, before it broke out to .97. This sucker has quite a short float, so that means if it drops below support, its gonna drop! but it if break resistance, its goona careful ya;ll...
  9. soundlanguage

    soundlanguage Member

    Yep, feels risky but i'm not in for long ... tempting to hang in for a .18 rebound but i'll play it safe & keep reciting the wiser mantra of "don't be greedy, don't be greedy, don't be greedy" by getting out at a humble .15 /.16. If it won't budge i'll hang on, no losses allowed!

    MadGirl- Yep, not a solid company by any means, esp with this sector sliding, it's just been a weird pet fav. to watch (to learn about behavior patterns) and i only buy on extreme lows for the quick $$. Today won't be the last time we see dime-range numbers i'm sure, may see a slight pop but imagine it'll be short lived.

    With CBAY and the overall market wise the extreme volumes and sell off's may seem irrationally motivated but i've a hint what it is... anyone else notice the "real world" vibe felt the same, a general irritable or worried mood? Like change is in the air, uncertainty? (personally i'm excited)

    That would be due to the Autumn Equinox a couple days back- Sat. when folks couldn't trade. This, i'm thinking market wise, is the very doubtful energy that spreads like wildfire triggering the late Sept/Oct slide when stocks hit their yearly lows on average.

    Conversely, exactly 6 months from now will be the Spring Equinox- new energy, promising, hopeful, the opposite "vibe". Notice that's when many stocks also hit their yearly highs or close to it. The slide or apex trek takes about a month until it's shaken or burnt off. I've studied many charts and most are the same with few abberations. The commonality caught my eye years ago, which is when i first began watching the markets. Guessing details is impossible--foolish too-- but overall it's all so obvious. ((shrug)) Nature Rules, respect it and plan around it i say.

    Now, CBAY let's see you do a contrarian rocket dance to .20 before you bottom out to .08 okay? Thank you in advance : )
  10. Chmiklbrothr

    Chmiklbrothr Member

    :lol: ...I'm not knocking your theory but cbay is on an oil slathered slip and slide downward. I'd like to get in the bottom...hope you saved some $$$. Any suggestions for the entry??
  11. stockviper

    stockviper Active Member

    I jumped in w/2,000 shares at .128 today. Now go up!
  12. soundlanguage

    soundlanguage Member

    Whoo boy, what a doozy. Housing market news comes out and this peewee company tanks, man what timing. Bad call on this one, i confess ... jumped in too soon but i'm holding patiently. Bottom est .07-.08 with rebound by next week, assuming the sell off continues thru frid. Not for the weak or LT investors though.

    Those holding and worried: 2 shots of vodka + 1 hour of yoga/meditation.

    It's not as if the entire real estate market has completely tanked overnight (it's only sliding in some locations) so this is def. irrational selling, which only presents new opp's depending on how you see it. Risky but has obvious rewards. Funny, just last week the same folks dumping this had no problem buying into the upswing. Was it faith in housing or greed driving them? Oh, the finicky public....
  13. bahroor

    bahroor Active Member weekly contest winner won dec/06 simulator

    i had a feeling i was getting in too early also... but thankfully only bought a small position... wont average down yet.. GL in the days to come
  14. ub3rn00ber

    ub3rn00ber Member

  15. Chmiklbrothr

    Chmiklbrothr Member

    More like shorted to death....;)
  16. Malakas007

    Malakas007 Member

  17. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    Wow - finally something positive for this piece of cr*p stock. Maybe it'll do one it's famed runs to 0.50!
  18. speer13

    speer13 New Member

    what does the buyback mean exactly? Am I reading it right that they are buying back all the shares from holders?
  19. ub3rn00ber

    ub3rn00ber Member

    I doubt they will buy them ALL
  20. soundlanguage

    soundlanguage Member

    Wouldn't hold my breath waiting for .50, .though it's tempting to hope for. This has been a hound that isn't worth the headaches so i'm not fooling w/it anymore. Thanks to the insta-rebound i got in & out in 1 day up 25%! 8)

    The shorts can eat my shorts ...

    How's everyone else doing w/ it?
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